Lapage Primary School Social Action Study

A quiet display labelled Active Citizenship peaked our interest in this school and it’s commitment to social action. On a closer read of the display, we realised this three form entry school, in the heart of Bradford, had created something quite remarkable. They have developed¬† a strategy of engaging every single class in the school with an age appropriate form of active citizenship. This ranges from Schools Linking in Year 4, helping with Bradford Cathedral Bells Project in Year 5 and engaging in Intergenerational Linking in Early Years.

We recently went back into the school to discover how this has been created.  This case study shares the story we found. Watch the video below and find out more.

Social Action Case Study

We were able to arrange the filming of this work thanks to generous funding from the Pears #iwill fund who were excited to hear of the strategic approach to Active Citizenship and Social Action that had been developed.