British Academy Essays – 10 Local Actions to Promote Social Integration

This collection of essays brings academic viewpoints and research on social integration together with examples of practical interventions and activities that have been shown to make significant positive impact. TLN was asked to contribute an essay. (Essay 5) All essays were reviewed by a panel including Professor Anthony Heath CBE FBA Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Director of the Centre for Social Investigation, Nuffield College, Oxford University (Chair) and Professor Dominic Abrams FBA Professor of Social Psychology , Kent University.

‘Chapter 5 describes the work of the Linking Network, initially developed in Bradford by the local authority, to pair primary school classes from different areas to tackle segregation. The programme developed a structured year-long programme where the children could work and debate together in terms of mutual respect and on an equal footing. The project has since developed into a national frame-work and offers cost-effective ways to help young children develop positive skills, attitudes, perceptions and behaviours.’