Case studies

Mellor and Cale Green Primary School, Stockport

These two schools couldn’t be more different; Cale Green is in central, urban Stockport with 23 languages spoken and 324 children on roll, and Mellor is a rural setting overlooking green fields on the edge of Stockport near to Derbyshire,  with 5 different languages spoken and is much smaller with 220 children on roll.

They have been linking Year 5 classes since 2009-2010 and still find so many similarities and differences to explore.

A link that is fully supported and championed by two dedicated and passionate Headteachers who want their children to gain skills and knowledge to support their pupils in the society in which their children live.

It’s a wonderful, long established link that continues to be impactful valuable and exciting. 

Headteacher at Mellor Primary School, Jim Nicholson and David Marshall, Headteacher at Cale Green Primary School, shared their thoughts with us on the benefits of linking.


Marsden Heights Community College and Park High School Colne, Pendle

Highlights from the Pendle School Linking project earlier this year with Marsden Heights Community College and Park High School Colne.

Bringing students together to discuss and learn about topics and issues which are important to them and the wider community.

The project takes the students on a journey to learn about the school, local, national and international matters.

Learning and expressing how they feel about things and what their peers think. Engaging with local councillors, community workers and the general public on current matters.

The students then worked with Phil Evans, a local spoken word poet to create a message that will go back to the school and the community about their experience.

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