Classroom Books Related To Social Action


This is a thoughtful book discussing the numerous ways we can be kind to one another. Building an understanding and mindset of kindness can underpin establishing the habit of social action and provide motivation for active citizenship. Read more

We Are All Born Free by Amnesty

Amnesty’s ‘We Are All Born Free is always a thoughtful way to introduce children to human rights in school and even more so just now. If we know our rights we can work together to ensure they are upheld for all. Read more. 

Usha and the stolen sun

Usha And The Stolen Sun by Bree Galbraith

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder” – A quote by the Persian poet  Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi which inspired this powerful book. The story  spreads a message that by listening to each other’s stories we can overcome barriers and build connection. Hearing the stories of others is a positive way to build empathy which lies at the heart of true social action Read more.

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Allow us to introduce you to a great new book, with a heartfelt message, by none other than the brilliant Oliver Jeffers. This story  is a great starting point to exploring the environment and pique children’s interests about the world. If you are looking to develop environmental social action themes with your link class then this book is a lovely way to start.  Read more

Be The Change: Poems To Help You Save The World

A useful anthology of children’s poems to empower and support pupils in reflecting on the actions they can take to change the world for the better. The poems explore sustainability, the environment and caring for one another in a light-touch, yet impactful, way. Read more


The Same Inside

A strong foundation of empathy is integral to developing a sustained ethos of social action. This collection of poems supports young people in building empathy, understanding and affirming positive ways of relating to ourselves and others. Read more

Under the Same Sky by Britta Teckentrup

“We dream the same dreams and we dream them together.’ Under the same sky takes you on a gentle journey of understanding all the things we have in common and unite us. The story takes place against the backdrop of nature and so is ideal for social action themes of the environment and equality that schools may want to explore with their link class. . Read more.

The Secret Sky Garden

This book is an excellent primary read for anyone wanting to weave social action and caring for the environment into their primary school linking class visits. Read more

Malala's Magic Pencil

This book is a thoughtfully written, beautifully illustrated text which is  age appropriate for use in primary school. We have seen it used to inspire all children about education and also about girls’ empowerment. Read more

Only One You by Linda Kranz

Only One You is a great book with so many important messages rooted in the spirit of social action. Read more

My Name Is Not Refugee by Kate Milner

One day, a mother tells her young son that they must say goodbye to their friends and leave home and walk a very long way. This moving and thought-provoking book helps children to develop empathy and begin to think about types of social action that they may want to lend their voice to. Read more

Dreams of Freedom by Amnesty International

This inspirational book from Amnesty following We Are All Born Free, contains 17 quotations about many different aspects of freedom. These include the freedom to learn and have an education, the freedom to have a home, to feel safe and the freedom to be yourself.  Read more

Have You Filled A Bucket Today?

This is a fantastic book that focuses on what underpins social action – being kind. It’s a great way to get children thinking about the different kind acts that they can do to make the world a little brighter. Read more

Words and Your Heart

Words and Your Heart is a fantastic book, which can be used to start a classroom conversation about the power words can have on others and the importance of choosing the words we use carefully if we want to have a positive impact on others. This PowerPoint contains some ideas of activities you can do with your class after reading the book.

Words and Your Heart (Word doc)

Every Child a Song

This beautiful book looks at what is needed to help us each grow, such as love, belonging and home. Read more

The Tale Of Two Beast

Empathy is essential for embedding sustained social action work. This book is a really good starting point for discussion about the idea that there are different points of view and that we need to listen to each other. Read more