The Birmingham Linking Programme is led by The Faith & Belief Forum. Since its inception in 2018, it has given students the opportunity and confidence to explore and celebrate their own identities and the identities of their peers in different schools across the city. The Programme has also given students the opportunities to break down barriers and misconceptions through the model of sustained encounters and engage in opportunities for dialogue.

The Birmingham Programme now enables 38 classes from 31 schools to link, engaging 1098 students. The schools comprise of primary (21), secondary (10), a mix of non-denomination (4) and faith (19). We trained 30 teachers to deliver the programme through 3 CPD training dates.

In our first year of Linking in the region we have been able to build up some really good relationships that have supported neutral venue visits. This has added huge value to the experience of the students. Venues include; West Bromwich Albion Football Club (Hawthorns), the Botanical Gardens, Selly Manor Museum, Birmingham Museums Collection Centre, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, The Lighthouse Youth Centre, Aston Hall Museum and The Moor Pool Estate.

We have seen, heard and received some really positive comments and stories from teachers about the positive effect this programme has had on their students. We have seen high retention rate of schools returning to the programme for the next academic year.

‘I thought the training was fantastic and has really given me the confidence to deliver the day. All of the activities have given me an opportunities to develop a relationship with my link partner’ Linking Teacher

‘’A well organised day which provided super opportunities to meet teachers from other link schools and plan and discuss ideas together’’ Linking Teacher

Richard Pringle Faith and Belief Forum (F&BF)

“I have been incredibly encouraged by the passion and commitment of teachers and SLT in the schools that we are working with. In the backdrop of a busy education system that leaves little space at times for creative projects and character development it would be easy to allow projects like this to slip – this has not been the case and it has been a privilege to work with teachers and SLT who see the huge value in this programme


Rich Pringle