The Bury Schools Linking Programme launched in the Autumn term 2018, led for Bury Council by the Curriculum and Language Access Service (CLAS).

Ten primary schools are involved, linking approximately 310 children from ten classes. The Programme got off to a great start with teacher training for linked schools being held on 20th November 2018, and 5th March 2019 and schools began their neutral venue visits in January of this year, with David Brookhouse from Hertigate Learning Lancashire. David will lead workshops with the children, where they will create a song with a focus on the themes ‘Who Am I?, Where Do We Live? and ‘How Do We All Live Together?’.

We are excited to see what great experiences the Bury students will have and look forward to hearing more as the programme develops!


Janna Welsby, CLAS(Curriculum and Language Access Service) Bury Council – J.Welsby@bury.gov.uk