We’ve had a great year on our Schools Linking programme.

The Link days are centred around students improving their communication and interfaith skills (critical thinking, empathy, dialogue). This supports schools SMSCand British Valuesprovision by fostering an understanding and respect for difference amongst their students

We were able to secure a free venue space at the Museum of London. We had various schools visit the museum together, using the classroom space for their Linking activities, then exploring the museum. It was a great space for students to meet in, as well as reflect on the diversity of the city they share.

Jewish Community Secondary School, St Augustine’s Priory School and Unity Girls High School formed a three way Link this year. They shared practices (and importantly food) from their Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths, as well as getting to know each other throughout the year.

How we feel about the work

I always enjoy seeing not only the experiences students take from Linking, but also the teachers. I think the programme can be beneficial for both.

By attending the CPD’s teachers are able to meet peers from different faith and cultural backgrounds, learning more about the communities they come from. Partnered teachers are typically from different faith backgrounds, but often find common ground in discussing the joys and challenges of teaching. In planning Link days they are able to share teaching practices and techniques. Importantly, by attending the CPD’s they can take time out to consider the impact they can have on their student’s lives, not only in terms of academic attainment but also in broadening their student’s understanding of the wider world.

Clare Isham


How others feel about the work

“Meeting and working with new people made me feel amazing. I felt like part of a community”

Student from a Jewish Secondary School (Linking with a Muslim Secondary School)


Contact for London:

Clare Isham, The Faith & Belief Forum