Environmental Social Action Resources

Social Action through Kindness Assemblies (Primary)

Kindness Assembly PowerPoint to support use of the M6 Theatre, Mr Popple play

Assembly 1:   “When We Started Singing” centring around kindness and the character of Mr Popple (with a link to the play).

Assembly 2:  A follow up from the play, reflecting on the different ways we can be kind to each other.

Assembly 3: A focus on social action and kindness towards the world and nature. Children will have the opportunity to think about how they can look after the environment and make an environmental pledge as part of #iwill4nature.


Eden Project Communities Resources

Eden Project Communities have created a whole host of resources to help your class explore nature.  You can download their resources here.

We’ve also created a powerpoint to support these resources which you can use in your classrooms.  Download here.

iwill Chatterbox

Nature is full of sights, sounds and smells for us to enjoy. What weird and wonderful things can you discover about the natural world around you?

Use this resource to look at, listen and smell nature whilst out on your daily walk. All you have to do is print off the chatterbox and follow our step by step instructions!

iwill Chatterbox

Make A Nature ChatterBox Instruction Guide

Making A Bug Bedroom

Creating a bug bedroom for creatures great and small is fantastic for the environment. Making safe spaces for wildlife to shelter can encourage biodiversity and is also a fun way to pass the time. Click below for step by step instructions!

Making A Bug Bedroom

Making A Bug Bedroom Powerpoint

Making A Bug Bedroom Powerpoint PDF version

Making A Birdfeeder

Ever wondered what to do with your old milk cartons? Why not follow our simple step by step instructions showing you how to reuse household items to make a birdfeeder. It’s a brilliant activity to do with your class that is both fun and eco-friendly.

Making A Birdfeeder

Making A Birdfeeder PowerPoint (English Voice-over)

Making A Birdfeeder PowerPoint (Urdu Voice-over)

The Starfish Story

We’ve created some resources to use in your classrooms to tell the story of The Starfish. The story aims to show that if each person commits to doing a small act to help them collectively we can make a big difference to the world. It’s a gentle way to introduce active citizenship to children so that they know it’s worth taking action to make a difference.

Starfish Story Powerpoint 

Starfish Activity

P4C social action lesson 

Show The Love

Friday 14th February is a day for us to show the love to our planet.  Here is an assembly that you can use in school to encourage children to make the world a better place.

Show the Love 2020 – TLN Assembly

Making Green Hearts


Making A Caterpillar Mobile

Help the environment by reusing plastic bottles to make a caterpillar mobile.

Caterpillar mobile

Nature Rainbow

Beautiful rainbows are popping up everywhere to raise spirits and make us smile. Here’s an inventive way to create your own rainbow when in school.

Nature Rainbow

Credit: Beckfoot Heaton Primary School and Nursery

Be A Nature Detective

This is a wonderful resource created by the Woodland Trust.  It’s full of activities for all ages that you can do on your daily walk. Why not join in and become a leaf, twig and spring spotter!

Nature Detective

Credit: The Woodlands Trust

Make An Eco-Friendly Heart

Show your support in creating a greener, cleaner and brighter future by making a green heart with your class and displaying it in your classroom. Click on the resource below to give you a helping hand.

Making a green heart. 

These resources has been inspired by The Climate Coalition and ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers

Caring for our World

Show your support in creating a greener, cleaner and brighter future by making a green heart and displaying it in your window.There are so many different ways to make your hearts. Click on the resources below to give you a helping hand.

Making  a green heart with natural materials 

Making a green heart from recycled materials

These resources has been inspired by The Climate Coalition and ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers

Show the Love

There are so many things that we all love about our world. What things are really special to you? What would you like to ‘Show your Love’ for? Use this PowerPoint and/or the Home Learning Activity to think about and discuss this, then ‘Show the Love’ by making some fabulous bunting to hang up in your home (or near your window). A great way to share and celebrate what you most love about our world. Your bunting could include a rainbow- lots of people are posting rainbows at the moment to make people who pass by smile.

Show the Love PowerPoint

Show the Love Powerpoint PDF version

Show the Love Home Learning Activity

Nature Treasure Hunt

Create your own nature treasure hunt! If you’ve had a go at our Walking Bingo now go on to draw your own.  All you have to do is draw 10 things that you would like to spot on your daily trip out of the house and see how many you can find. Or make a record of the things you have seen. One of our friends at the Pears Foundation sent us through an example a family sent her. Take and look and be inspired. We love the things the children had noted – a person with a shopping bag sounds familiar to us all just now.

Nature Treasure Hunt

Where in the World

How far has that tin of beans travelled to reach your kitchen cupboard? Where was that pen made? This quick activity encourages children to explore where in the world the items in their home come from. Interesting in itself and great for stimulating geographical knowledge and conversations.

Where in the World

The World and Bunting

The World and Bunting (PowerPoint)

A wonderful chance for children to think about what they love about the world, and what charities have been doing to help protect the world. In thinking about how we all live together and what we care about, link partners work together to create a shared piece of bunting to show all that they love about the world. The completed pieces of bunting can be used to create a beautiful display showing caring and love for the world.