Evaluations and Reviews

Evaluations and Reviews of The Linking Network

Our work at The Linking Network is regularly evaluated internally and externally. This helps us to consider the impact of our programmes and develop our work in light in new research.

Social Integration in Schools and Colleges 2023

A review by the DfE of interventions in schools for social integration. Schools Linking is reviewed as an intervention.

Bradford for Everyone 2022

An evaluation of Bradford Schools Linking from 2019-2022

Virtual Linking in a Pandemic 2021

An evaluation of virtual linking during Covid-19 by our researcher in residence, Dr Lindsey Cameron.

The Impact of The Linking Network 2020

Written in August 2020 by our researcher in residence, Dr Lindsey Cameron, this report highlights the impact of our work.

NFER Evaluation of the Schools Linking Network 2011

Schools Linking and Social Cohesion: an evaluation

2017-18 evaluation of the National Schools Linking programme by Dr Chris Shannahan, Coventry University commission by the MHLG.

Schools Linking Network Final Evaluation Report, 2008-09, A Raw

Evaluation of Schools Linking roll out 2008-2009

Conducted by Dr Anni Raw, this is an evaluation of the Schools Linking national roll-out.

Bradford Schools Linking evaluation 2005-2006

An evaluation of the Bradford Schools Linking programme by Dr Anni Raw

The following reports consider how the work of The Linking Network fits into wider strategies for community cohesion and integration.

The Casey Review 2016

An independent review by Dame Louise Casey into opportunity and integration including Schools Linking as an approach.

Integrated Communities Strategy 2019

The Green Paper set out the Government’s vision for building integrated communities. Schools Linking is mentioned as an approach to social mixing.

10 actions for social integration

This collection of essays brings academic viewpoints, research and interventions on social integration. TLN contributed to essay 5.

Curriculum Review: Diversity and Citizenship 2007

A curriculum review led by Sir Keith Ajegbo.

Promoting Ethnic and Religious Integration in Schools

A review of evidence which reference Schools Linking.

RE and Good Community Relations

What can RE learn from Social Psychology. A toolkit for teachers

Evaluations and Reports of Intergenerational Linking

Care Home FaNs: IL research report

Care Home FaNs: Intergenerational Linking research summary

Intergenerational Social Action Evaluation

Intergenerational Social Action Project Report

Bradford for Everyone Intergenerational Linking Report 2024

Secondary Intergenerational Linking May 2022