Curriculum Review: Diversity and Citizenship, Sir Keith Ajegbo (2007)

Bradford Schools Linking Project Bradford has a sophisticated Schools Linking Project:

• Established in 2001, it grew from concerns that many children were underachieving in primary schools; and growing unease about separation between different ethnic groups after the 2001 riots and 9/11, both within, but mainly between, many Bradford schools.

• People working on the project identified a fundamental link between underachievement, especially by young people from ethnic minorities and poorer white boys, and disaffection and disengagement; and that separation in communities can only exacerbate these feelings.

• The Linking Project brings together groups of children from different ethnic backgrounds ‘to work on issues that affect them all and give them real opportunities for exploration, discussion and expression of their perspectives on life in this increasingly confusing and volatile world.’

The Review Group visited the project involving Barkerend and Hothfield primary schools in Year 5:

• The schools are in contrasting areas, one school almost entirely Asian, the other white.

• Their link is based on clear curriculum objectives: they have spent considerable time learning about the rural and urban natures of their respective areas and what connects them historically and geographically.

The Ajegbo  Diversity and Citizenship Review commented on the importance of embedding work on diversity in the curriculum [and this has been a priority in the development of resources for linking embedding the work in the ‘everyday curriculum.’ . The review also recommended P4C, which has since become intrinsic to the Linking Programme.

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