Intergenerational Additional Resources

Introduction to Connecting with Care Homes

Using a BBC News video ( of Bobby Swain celebrating his 100th birthday in a Care Home during lockdown, this resource helps children explore the importance of connecting with older members of our community during this time and suggests different things that they can do to stay in touch. View in full screen to hear the voiceover which will allow children to access this resource independently. They can then have a go at some of the other activities on this page.

Introduction to Connecting with Care Homes PowerPoint

Intergenerational Curiosity Questions

Questions that children, young people and older people can use to promote intergenerational conversations and relationships. These questions are suggestions only and can easily be adapted. 

Curiosity Questions PDF

Curiosity Questions editable

Virtual Messages

Many older people are having to stay inside to keep them safe and older people living in care homes aren’t allowed visitors at the moment. But we can still remain connected to those we care about. Why not write a message and a picture on a poster, take a photo and send it over – this will make those you care about smile. Many people are including rainbows.

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet (Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain)

Virtual Messages Activity

Postcards to Care Homes

Sending a postcard to an older person living in a care home is a fantastic way for children to start making intergenerational links. In a digital age, receiving something in the post is exciting for all ages! Using a blank postcard template means that children can create their own design on the front.

Postcard to care homes activity


Share what you see

Older people and residents in care homes are staying inside at the moment to stay safe.

This resource helps you to create a picture of the view from a window in your home. Maybe you can see trees, other houses, shops, a church, a mosque, a school…

When you’ve finished, share what you see with a resident in your local care home or an older relative or neighbour, by sending your picture to them.

Share What You See Powerpoint

Share What You See Activity Sheet

Bring the outside inside for an older person

Older people and residents in care homes are staying inside at the moment to stay safe.

Here are a few steps to help you to create your own ‘Blossom Tree’. When you’re finished, send your picture to your local care home or older relative or neighbour so that they can put it up and bring the Spring inside.

Blossom Tree Powerpoint

Extra Guidance for Drawing a Blossom Tree

The following resources have been created by My Home Life England and The Linking Network as part of the Care Home Friends and Neighbours: Intergenerational Linking Project.  Our activities are designed to be used by parents, schools, youth organisations and care homes. They promote contact between young people and older people living in care homes, even when face-to-face linking isn’t possible.

Visit to keep updated on the project and new resources.

Bird Feeders

Create your own bird feeder and hang it in the garden of a care home! Residents will enjoy watching different birds visit the garden to feed from your thoughtful, tasty creation!

We’ve got 3 different bird feeders for you to try – apple feeder, fat ball and recycled milk carton.

Bird Feeders Activity

Rock Art

Decorate a pebble in bright colours and patterns. Take them to your local care home and put them in the garden. They will become little patches of colour and friendship when a resident looks out of their window!

Rock Art Instructions

Pots of Love

This resource will help you to decorate a pot and plant it with fast-growing seeds. Then when it’s finished, take your pot and place on the windowsill of your local care home to brighten a resident’s day!

Pots of Love Instructions

An outline of a pot to help with your design


Story Exchange

Choose an idea for a story, using the grid (or use your own ideas) and when your story is finished, send it through to a local care home for the residents to read and enjoy.

Story Exchange Instructions

Story Exchange Ideas Grid

Skill swap

Having lots of time on your hands is perfect for learning a new skill and sharing your skills with others. Send your instructions to your local care home so that the residents can learn from you. They might even be able to share a skill back with you.

Skill Swap

Skill Swap Ideas

Send a puzzle challenge

Puzzles are great for keeping the brain active! Create your own word search or cross word for a care home resident to enjoy and complete.  The words you include could all be linked to your favourite topic or even some spellings you’re practising or something else. You can make your own grid or use our ready-made template or us an online creator.

Wordsearch Activity

Wordsearch Template

Crossword Activity 

Pen Pals

It’s fun to make new friends! Write a letter to a care home resident and wait for them to send one back to you. You’ll learn more about each other as your pen pal friendship develops.

Our Introductory Questions help you to talk about yourself. We’ve also included some Curiosity Questions that you could ask your new friend.

Pen Pals Activity

Introductory Questions

Curiosity Questions

Create a Local Newspaper

Produce your own newspaper for care home residents to read! This is a great way to demonstrate your creativity – you could include local stories, interviews with family members, sports reports and maybe even a puzzle.

Ask your siblings or friends if they’d like to get involved too! Use our activity sheet to guide you through what to do.

Newspaper Activity


One page profile

Fill in a one page profile to introduce yourself to a care home resident. One page profiles are a great way to get to know each other better and find common interests. Perhaps they’ll send one back to you!

We’ve created a template to help you get started.

Activity: One page profile

Template: One page profile

Christmas Resources

Reindeer Decoration

Create your very own reindeer using your hands!

Send your handmade decoration to a care home for them to hang on their tree. Your thoughtful decoration will bring a smile to the care home residents and make their Christmas extra special.

Activity Sheet


Create your own snow globe and give it to a care home as a gift. Gently shaking the snow globe will move the glitter and give the impression of falling snow!

You can pick what you put inside your snow globe, but make sure you’ve got some strong glue.

Activity Sheet: Snowglobe

Asking Christmas Questions

Ask older people living in a care home some Christmas Questions! Give your own answers to the questions too so that the older people can get to know you.

This activity will help you both reflect on the festive season and may help older people reminisce about their childhoods.

Activity: Asking Christmas Questions

Ideas: Asking Christmas Questions

What brings you joy at Christmas?

Fill in our Christmas Question Sheet!

Answering these questions is a fun and festive way to introduce yourself to an older person living in a care home and let them know what Christmas means to you.

We’ve created a template or you could make your own.

Activity: What brings you joy at Christmas?

Template: Christmas Question Sheet


Winter Wordsearches

Puzzles are great for keeping the brain active! Create your own winter themed word search for a care home resident to enjoy and complete. You can make your own grid or use our ready-made template.

Activity: Winter word search

Template: Winter word search