Intergenerational Linking 2020-21

These resources support the Intergenerational Linking programme for 2020-21.


Introductory letter to parents and photo permission

This is a template letter for teachers to send home to parents to explain the Intergenerational Linking project. This also includes permission for photos and videos to be exchanged with care homes.

Introductory letter to parents

Session 1 - An introduction to linking with our care home

This session introduces children to linking with their local care. It allows children to think about what a care home is, who lives and works there and how we can begin connections.

Session 1 Powerpoint

Session 2 - The stories behind the wrinkles

In this session, children explore one of two books – ‘Wrinkles’ or ‘The Lines on Nana’s Face’ – both of which celebrate the stories and memories of older people’s lives. Children begin to explore their own ‘story’ which prepares them for connecting with the older people living in their linked care home, and finding out their stories.

Session 2 PowerPoint

Session 3 - Older People's Stories

In this session, children will discuss and make decisions about how they can find out about the stories of the older people living in the linked care home. This session will be developed further following individual planning meetings.

Session 3 PowerPoint

Intergenerational Linking Book List

These books, suggested by the TLN team, are fantastic to use with children to before and during an Intergenerational Linking project.

Intergenerational Linking Book List