Intergenerational Linking 2021-22

Introductory letter to parents and photo permission

This is a template letter for teachers to send home to parents to explain the Intergenerational Linking project. This also includes permission for photos and videos to be exchanged with care homes.

Introductory letter to parents

Session 1 - An introduction to linking with our care home

This session introduces children to linking with their local care home.  It allows children to think about what a care home is, who lives and works there and how we can begin connections.

Session 1 Powerpoint

Introduction for Care Home Residents

This session introduces the project to care home residents. Inserting some details of the linked school and perhaps a picture would be useful for this short session.

Introduction for care home residents PowerPoint

Introduction for care home residents PDF

A look inside a care home

This video gives children an insight into what a care home might look like. This is useful to prepare children for meeting especially when there is uncertainty around care home visiting.

Lesson 2 - The Stories behind the Wrinkles

In this session, children explore one of three books – ‘Wrinkles’, ‘The Lines on Nana’s Face’ or ‘The Remember Balloons’ – all of which celebrate the stories and memories of older people’s lives. Children begin to explore their own ‘story’ which prepares them for connecting with the older people living in their linked care home, and finding out their stories.

Lesson 2 PowerPoint

One Page Profiles

Fill in a one page profile to introduce yourself to a care home resident. One page profiles are a great way to get to know each other better and find common interests. Perhaps they’ll send one back to you!

We’ve created a template to help you get started.

Activity: One page profile

Template: One page profile

This resource has been created by My Home Life England and The Linking Network as part of the Care Home Friends and Neighbours: Intergenerational Linking Project.  

Visit the project website to keep updated on Intergenerational Linking across England and new resources.

Alzheimer's Society Teaching Resources

If you’re looking to explore Alzheimer’s and dementia a little bit more with children, these resources are great. There are a range of sessions available to download for a variety of ages.

Click here to access the website.

Tell my story resources

These resources can be used alongside Session 2. The chatterboxes stimulate discussion about children’s own stories and memories. They can then choose to fill out the grid to share with their linked care home.

Chatterbox templates (word)

Chatterbox templates (PDF)

Tell my Story grid templates (word)

Tell my Story grid templates (PDF)

Family Engagement Tell my Story

This family engagement activity encourages children to find out more about the adults at home or other older adults in their life (e.g. grandparents). It builds on the activities from session 2 but could also be used by itself.

Family Engagement Tell my Story Word

Family Engagement Tell my Story PDF

Intergenerational Linking Book List

These books, suggested by the TLN team, are fantastic to use with children to before and during an Intergenerational Linking project.

Intergenerational Linking book list

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