Intergenerational Linking

What is Intergenerational Linking?

Our Intergenerational Linking programme brings together young people in schools with older people living in care homes, independent living or from community groups. Through Intergenerational Linking, young and older people share time and stories which creates meaningful and lasting relationships between generations

Bradford: an intergenerational district

In Bradford, The Linking Network facilitates intergenerational partnerships between schools, care homes and other older people’s settings. Find out more about our vision for making Bradford a truly intergenerational district and how to get involved.

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Resources for Intergenerational Linking

We have a selection of thoughtful resources to support Intergenerational Linking including planning documents, activity ideas and videos.

Intergenerational Linking Resources


Intergenerational Linking has great benefits for all generations. This includes improving older and younger people’s confidence, developing young people’s listening and leadership skills, generating understanding and respect between generations and reducing feelings of isolation and disconnection. This work also creates stronger community connections.

Our Intergenerational Network

The Linking Network supports a small network of organisations across England who deliver Intergenerational Linking in their local areas. We also share good intergenerational practice and learn from others involved in intergenerational practice. 

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Children are now starting to think about the older people in a different way. They see how they can learn from them.” 


Our other intergenerational projects

Care Home FaNs: Intergenerational Linking

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Rural Intergenerational Social Action

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