Intergenerational Activity Ideas

Use these activity ideas to introduce each other before meeting or in an intergenerational session

Calendar of Events – Autumn Term

Key dates for the Autumn Term to inspire intergenerational activities.

Remembrance Day Activities

Remembrance Day can bring lots of opportunities for meaningful intergenerational connections.

Intergenerational Curiosity Questions

Use these fun questions to find out a bit more about each other and start interesting conversations.

These hands have…

This a great activity to celebrate each other’s identity either before meeting or at a first intergenerational session.

Tell my Story

Use these worksheets to tell your story together or before meeting for the first time.

Intergenerational Human Bingo

A fun way of finding out a little bit more about all the people in the room!


Chatterboxes are a fun way to start intergenerational conversations. Use our example or create your own!

This resource has been created by My Home Life England and The Linking Network as part of the Care Home Friends and Neighbours: Intergenerational Linking Project.  

Visit the project website to keep updated on Intergenerational Linking across England and new resources

Bird Feeders

Make bird feeders together that can hang in the garden.


Pots of Love

Decorating pots and watching the seeds grow is a great activity to do in an intergenerational session or as a gift for each other.

One Page Profiles

Complete these and send to each other before meeting for the first time or fill them out together in the first intergenerational session.

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