Getting Started with Intergenerational Linking

These resources are designed to help you plan your Intergenerational Link and prepare younger and older people for meeting

Letter to parents/ carers

A letter explaining the Intergenerational Linking programme to families. Also includes photo permission.

1) Introduction to older people and Intergenerational Linking

A classroom based session to prepare children for meeting older people in the Intergenerational Linking project. Key Stage 1/2

‘How old is old?’ activity

Handout for a classroom based activity used in session 1).

Thinking about older people

Handout for an activity in classroom based session 1)

2) Introduction to care settings

A classroom based session introducing children to the care settings in their intergenerational link. Aimed at Key Stage 1/2

Resident Flyer

A flyer to introduce Intergenerational Linking to older residents of a care setting.

Intergenerational Book List

Suggested children’s books that can support the Intergenerational Linking project

Books Exploration Powerpoint

Powerpoint to support discussion of three intergenerational books

What Intergenerational Linking could look like

Flexibility is key but here are some suggestions of how Intergenerational Linking might be structured

Guide to an Intergenerational Linking session

Top tips to help your intergenerational session run smoothly

Care Home FaNs: Intergenerational Linking Handbook

A toolkit for schools and care homes taking part in Intergenerational Linking

Video: A look inside a care home

This video tour of a care home will prepare children for a visit