How to be a Lion – Book Recommendation

11 September, 2018

This is a powerful book to share with primary children and can be used to open up conversations on how to have a voice, how to ensure we value the introverts as much as the extroverts in a classroom and how we support children to be themselves. It affirms quiet courageous voices. At  The Linking Network  we recommend  the book for Primary Linking Classes. One of team used it as a stimulus for Philosphy for Children (P4C)  in their school yesterday reading the book and focussing on the statements  ‘You don’t have to roar to be heard.’   ‘Why don’t you be you…And I will be I.’ ‘Some say words can’t change the world….if they make you think, Then maybe they can.’ 

We enjoyed reading about Ed Vere comments on his book. ‘The pressure to conform can start early. Before a child begins nursery or primary school they’re safe in their own world. Free to be whoever it is they are. Free to show a sensitive side, to be gentle and to dream. In the rough and tumble of a social setting, at nursery or primary school, showing these sides can make them feel vulnerable. It’s vital to socialise, but peer pressure frequently goes further and suggests that to fit in you need to conform to another way of being, that it’s not cool to be a certain way or like certain things.’

‘I wrote How to be a Lion because I wanted to say to children, there are many ways that you can be you. Don’t be afraid to show it. If you’re quiet, gentle, or a dreamer – they’re all valid. I wanted to show how you might resist the pressure to conform – to stand up for who it is you want to be. To think for yourself – not to accept someone else’s point of view just because that makes it easier to fit in.’

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