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Leicester and Leicestershire Schools Linking Project

The Leicester Schools Linking Project is available to all schools from across the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland region. This free project provides support and resources for teachers to work with their pupils/students to explore their identities and the identities of others.

The project challenges stereotypes and misinformation and builds self-esteem, belonging and confidence when meeting new people, through carefully planned activities and opportunities for dialogue. Opportunities to recognise and value similarities and differences are built in at many points during the programme, enabling children and young people to explore how the power of our diversity is dependent on the presence of justice. Every activity is rooted in curriculum outcomes, from PSHE and Art to Geography and English; all provide powerful, fun ways to improve skills in oracy, reading and writing.

You can see some examples of our local project from our appearances on BBC East Midlands Today; in 2018 and in 2022

Schools Linking plays a key role in supporting communities to become more connected and more positive places for all their citizens. Schools Linking is a simple, powerful and practical way to facilitate a sense of a shared identity and build belonging, self-esteem and critical thinking in young people.

We are continually recruiting schools and will hold virtual CPD sessions for teachers throughout the year to allow schools to join at any point during the year. We train all the class teachers involved to deliver the programme and provide access to a wealth of free, adaptable age-appropriate lesson plans, resources, videos, recommended book lists and much more from the TLN website and on-going support throughout the year from the local facilitator Ruth Sinhal (Linking Projects Officer).

More information can be found here.

Comments from teachers:

The linking project provides a great opportunity for students to consider what makes a vibrant community. The resources are highly engaging and extremely powerful.’  

Nick Rigby, The Winstanley School

‘We were delighted to take part in the Schools Linking Project. Students have engaged really well with the activities, exploring the issues around identity and values. Building a sense of community and feeling like we all belong are such important parts of the education we strive to provide our students.’ 

Angela Howe, Countesthorpe Academy.

‘I’ve seen in the 3 years we’ve done it, is that the students value making friends with someone who is different to them, and the impact of that is that they will do that with less fear moving forward.   It de-mystifies the ‘other’ and breaks down that ‘otherism’; ‘they’re so different, I will not get on with them and they won’t like me’.

Natasha Boyce, The Winstanley College

Comments from pupils and students:

‘I think that these sessions are important because we are learning the true meaning of equal’

‘One thing that stood out to us was how people feel like they have to change to meet others expectations and how they feel like they can be judged by someone who doesn’t even know them.’

‘We should share this information because if other people see this then we can make the world a better place.’

‘I liked how we got to know each other. I made 2 new friends so I got to learn about their school and what it is like.’

We are also able to offer the opportunity for schools to link with a local Care Home and engage in Intergenerational Linking. Leicester Intergenerational Linking is a way to bring older and younger people together. Engaging in intergenerational linking is a powerful way to improve and develop skills in conversation, collaboration and empathy.

To find out more or get involved, please contact:  

Ruth Sinhal, Leicester and Leicestershire Schools Linking Facilitator – Email school.linking@stphilipscentre.co.uk

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