Tower Hamlets

The Tower Hamlets Linking Programme is led by Global Learning London. The programme began in 2018.

In 2023-2024 there are 4 Primary Links with 8 classes from 5 schools.

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Anne Roots,
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Linking Lives towards Community Cohesion

‘Our pupils have benefited from engaging in this programme as it has strengthened citizenship, integration and cohesion, and has facilitated us to consider different communities we belong to but are also united by.  This is a powerful message which the pupils have spent a great deal of time discussing and exploring, including considering how our community and diversity is shared by so many boroughs across London,’ a Lead link teacher.

The Tower Hamlets Schools Linking Programme is led by Global Learning London which promotes the values, aims and principles of global learning through all areas of education. Supporting schools in Tower Hamlets and across North London, we work collaboratively and as a part of wider networks, to develop global learning in schools and communities. The London Schools Linking Project began in Summer Term 2018 and we are now recruiting schools for 2024-25.

Our work at Global Learning London focuses on local action for justice and sustainability in an increasingly interconnected globe. We work within and between schools to create collaborative, creative spaces where such action and conversation is led by children. Linking schools to this end has enhanced our practice, so that schools actually work together towards a common goal, rather than working in silos.

Since the outset of our linking work, we have striven to link a range of settings including infant and nursery children, primary pupils and special needs students. The idea for linking special schools with mainstream schools came about as a result of discovering a hate crime statistic in Tower Hamlets –in 2017, 27 crimes were committed against disabled people. We felt that we must respond to this statistic positively and constructively, hence the idea to link schools.  As an organisation that embraces diversity, we see it as our duty to come together to build a community that integrates different needs and abilities. Our challenge is to do this with criticality, so that we are not perpetuating a charity mentality. Rather, we are looking to engender an appreciation for the different ways each of us inhabits our shared world. Equally, we believe that everyone has something to offer when they are enabled, rather than disabled, by society.  By extending the application of our work to Life Skills it has fully accommodated the needs of special schools and their students.

Our children share the locality they inhabit. Linking has brought them into a space that uncovers the wealth of intangible diversity within this locality– the diversity of world views, of multiple solutions to a problem, of forms of self-expression.’ Alia Al Zougbi, former head of Global Learning London

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