Our Work

Supporting young people to explore identity, build connections and strengthen communities

Our Vision

Our vision is one in which children and young people have confidence in their own and others’ identities and are inspired to create welcoming, kind and connected communities where everyone can live well together.

How We Do This

We empower teachers to confidently support children and young people to explore their own and other people’s identities

We bring younger and older people together to share time, experiences, stories, and build connections.

We support schools to be transformative places of connection, community and belonging.

How We Can Work With You

Schools Linking

Build links between schools in your area and help students connect with others from different backgrounds.

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Intergenerational Linking

Bring younger and older people together to share time, experiences, stories, and build connections.

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SMSC training and support

Access resources, guidance and training to enhance the delivery of SMSC development in your school.

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Resources for the classroom

A library of classroom resources designed by teachers covering SMSC, Social Action, PSHE and Citizenship.

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Special Mainstream Linking

Our Work Is Driven By Four Key Questions

Who am I?

Who are we?

Where do we live?

How can we all live well together?

The Linking Network is here to support your school explore these questions with your students.

What Is "Linking"?

At the heart of our work is the unique process of ‘linking’ which we’ve developed over the past 2 decades. Linking describes the act of sharing of time and experiences with people from different backgrounds. This might be different social, ethnic, faith, geographical or ages. Linking is not a complex idea – but it takes careful thought to get it right. 

Therefore our programmes offer teachers and school leaders training and high-quality resources that can be used to support explorations of identity and belonging in ways that are embedded in the curriculum.

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