Exploring identity, building connections, strengthening communities

Building connections and strengthening communities since 2001

The impact of our work

A key driver of stereotyping, misunderstanding, fear and prejudice is lack of contact with people different to ourselves. 

The Linking Network offers children the opportunity to share the experience and knowledge of people they may at first feel are not like them in order to unlock ‘confidence in contact’. 

To reduce prejudice and challenge stereotypes, simply bringing people together is not enough. Certain conditions are required:

  • Care is taken to ensure people meet as equals
  • Support is needed from the institution and its authorities
  • Activities foster cooperation and a common goal
  • Experiences are meaningful, personal, positive and fun


I believe the experience of schools linking expands children’s horizons, builds confidence and self esteem, interest in and respect for ‘the other’ and strengthens delivery of key aspects of the curriculum. Schools linking will remain an important part of our work on not just community cohesion but on developing the next generation of proud Bradfordians.”

Kersten England, Chief Executive, Bradford Council

The connections that linking creates are valuable to all involved and contribute towards:

  • Reducing prejudice and stereotyping
  • Increasing children’s ability to identify common ground and similarity with others 
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Generating new inclusive friendships
  • Unlocking enduring positive feelings about interactions across difference

These key findings have been provided by our Researcher in Residence, Dr Lindsey Cameron from the University of Kent. Dr Cameron has been working with The Linking Network since 2018. She has undertaken extensive evaluations of our work.

Read more about her work

Linking has had an impact on my whole school, it is part of our ethos. It has changed our school over time since we began linking in 2001.

Headteacher, Eldwick Primary

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