Teacher CPD

Schools Linking Teacher CPD1 

Part A includes four online modules for you to watch by yourself in advance of the live online CPD. They are a total  of 1.5 hours long.

Module 1 – Background to Linking   (12 mins)

An introduction, essential viewing for teachers new to linking.




Module 2 – Contact Theory and Virtual Linking   (22 mins)

Led by our researcher in residence, Dr Lindsey Cameron (a specialist in prejudice reduction in children) from Kent Uni. This webinar looks at the evidence that indirect, virtual contact has a very positive impact in preparing children for future contact.  A must for teachers interested in the evidence underpinning virtual linking.



Module 3 – P4C (Philosophy for Children) and Schools Linking  (20 mins)

Led by Rob Unwin, who leads Sheffield Schools Linking and is a national trainer for P4C. This module offers specific training on using P4c with a linked class using a specific stimulus provided. Anyone new to P4c will feel confident to teach the lesson and will be able to use the strategy after watching this clear and accessible module. P4c is a common thread that will run through and be built upon in Phases 2 and 3.


Module 4 – The Linking Process   (33 mins) Please note we are updating the lessons currently so this module will be adapted for Linking in the academic year 2021-2022. 

Critical viewing for all; outlining the new virtual linking process this year.   A separate module is available for secondary teachers here 

This is followed by CPD1 Part B – a live online session for pairs of Schools Linking teachers held in local areas.  Please contact us if you would like to attend Linking CPD with a link school.


The TLN Guide for Linking Teachers – Virtual Schools Linking 2020-21 which accompanies the training. It includes lesson plans. There is a  pdf version and a word doc to view online or for printing. Your local facilitator will be able to supply you with a hard copy.







Live CPD – Links for CPD1

Page 31 of  Teacher Guide a planning form for linking partners to go through

Page 35 of Teacher Guide a form for linking teacher contact details

Together Poem a word doc of ‘Together’ by Matt Goodfellow

Letter Template for schools to send to parents


Virtual Schools Linking Interactive Map

A tool for mapping the journey of Schools Linking to CPD1







Our Vision for Virtual Schools Linking Phase 1




Some  key dates for 2020-21

Running through the academic year from September 2020 – July 2021







National Curriculum statements that each lesson in Phase 1 addresses. (PDF and word)




CPD by Dr Lindsey Cameron, Researcher in the School of Psychology at the University of Kent , looking at the role parents play in children’s developing attitudes to others. Download the PowerPoint here.






A range of resources for teachers to download and print to try to save you some time if you are creating a Schools Linking Display in your own school.

Displays (Page link)




Some ideas for tweets about Schools Linking.

Tweets – Linking 2020-21 and Six Primary Lessons Phase 1 

Tweets using Quotes about TLN (page link)