Quotes about Linking from Headteachers

We wanted to encourage the children to consider themselves as part of a larger community with children from diverse backgrounds and to build relationships with others with a focus on identity and belonging.’   Headteacher at St Luke’s CE Primary, Heywood

‘Children learn to appreciate our differences and similarities. The project provides an excellent experience of community at a time where children and families are more isolated.’  Headteacher, William Tower Hamlets

‘The children at our school do not often get the opportunity to meet, cooperate and engage with children from other groups. The linking Project brought us together with another school and helped the children form a meaningful learning partnership where they could celebrate each other and be united by common goals, pieces of work and collaborative projects. The Linking Network provided us with the platform – the training and the structure.’ Joe Howard, Assistant Headteacher

This project is really important for the children at St Pauls to realise how diverse and different life is for other children in a relatively close location to ours…the children were very excited to share their thoughts and get to talk to other children outside of their usual friendship or community groups.  It really is understanding about diversity and tolerance first hand.’  Headteacher, St Paul’s Church of England Combined School

It is important that we do the School Linking because we are a small village school and the children’s experiences can be limited to their local environment. We feel it is important that they get the opportunity to meet children from other communities and backgrounds to broaden their understanding of the diversity of people living near them. and stereotypes bought from home are challenged.’  Headteacher,  Marston School

‘The schools linking programme provides a valuable opportunity for students from different backgrounds and perspectives to work together. This helps promote community cohesion at a local level and develops understanding and tolerance in our young people. This is important as they go on to play a full role in society as adults.’ Headteacher, Buckinghamshire

‘Being part of this helps create and foster identify and attachment to our local area. Working with different young people gives them an opportunity to experience a different perspective on the world that they would not be able to experience in school.’ Headteacher, Stony Dean School

‘We are keen to continue school linking because of its core values around developing a positive, cohesive ethos which helps children to explore identity, celebrate diversity, promote community and equality. The resources, joint visits, CPD opportunities for teachers and the general support from the school linking project are invaluable in this. ‘  Headteacher  Stockport

‘School linking breaks down barriers and makes children aware that they are all basically just children and have lots of common interests. Children develop friendships with children who they wouldn’t normally even meet, even though they live very close to each other.’   Stockport Headteacher

 ‘In terms of creating strong, cohesive communities, Schools Linking is an incredibly valuable part of the toolkit, ‘ Headteacher, Manchester Schools Linking

 ‘Linking has had an impact on my whole school, it is part of our ethos. It has changed our school over time since we began linking in 2001.’  Headteacher, Eldwick Primary School

‘The Schools Linking Project has been a fantastic opportunity…the chance for our Year 4s to get  into the wider community and meet so many different children, from lots of different backgrounds, has been amazing. They’re coming back into school totally buzzing about everything they’ve been doing and talking about the special friendships they’ve had…I can’t recommend it highly enough- it’s been brilliant !’  Headteacher Nessfield Primary School

Participation in the school Linking Project demonstrates what is actually being done to bring communities together, with the youngest community members being educated to challenge and knowledgeably respond to these perceptions.’ Headteacher, Oldham.

The linking network has been a crucial avenue through which to explore personal development. I think schools will be crying out for guidance on re-centring PSHE and tools that inspire develop empathy and resilience in children and whole school strategies for achieving this.’  Peter Timms, Deputy Head, Ben Rhydding Primary School.