Quotes from Linking Students

I’ve learnt that even if you’re a different religion or colour, if someone is kind-hearted from inside, you can be friends. It’s been great to overcome our fears and get to know other people’. Birmingham student

‘I have been challenged … the stereotypes I held have been destroyed.’    Bradford student

‘Socialise before you criticise’  Bradford student

‘I really enjoyed the Stony Deans School linking experience. It taught me a lot about my peers and myself, It was clear to see how it influenced every member of the project individually , I felt its impact will be long lasting.’  DGS student, Buckinghamshire special school mainstream link

‘The sessions really helped me to learn lots of new things; for example when I thought about identity before I just thought about passports, fingerprints and DNA but now I think identity is about much more, it is about a person’s personality and the things that are important to them.’  Waltham Forest student

‘Meeting new people, increasing my understanding of values and realising that I have so much in common with other people that I’ve not met before.’  Key Stage 3 student

‘I realise that it’s important to see beyond stereotypes.’    Bolton student

‘It reminds me of how we are all connected.’  Bury student

‘We should do more stuff like this at school.’   London student

‘I think it’s a really good idea. You get to learn about each other. You get to share the learning,’  Year 4 girl, All Saints, Rochdale

The best thing about Schools Linking is that you will always make a friend. Everyone has a big smile on their face because it is good to make new friends.’ Year 5 pupil, Stockport

Over the past few months the joint project with Rochdale Sixth form college and Redwood has been a unique experience and an opportunity to meet a wide range of people who normally I wouldn’t have much contact with. I have found it to be enjoyable and a valuable learning experience, which I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to attend when a myriad of other student haven’t. I hope that in the future this will change as I truly believe projects such as this allow students from different backgrounds to connect through sport in a way like no other.   From my perspective, a project such as this is a great addition for my personal statement, especially if applying for a prestigious career such as medicine.’   Rochdale Sixth Form College student, Rochdale