Quotes from teachers explaining why they feel it is important to take part in linking

‘It is creative and stimulating for the children. At a time when they could potentially feel shut off from their neighbours and wider community during Covid, the SLN project offers them a light on the horizon. the School Linking Network team have been extremely helpful. They have tailored their support and resources to myself and my fellow link school teacher so that they are Covid compliant. For example, they have created YouTube CPD videos and run online, interactive webinars due to the fact that we cannot meet in person. The SLN team have also offered half a dozen ‘drop in’ online sessions throughout the year ahead so that we can seek guidance and reconnect. All of these resources have been easy to use and very professional. The quality of resources last year was fantastic. I used the ideas for meeting up with our linked school but also in my own lessons too. It is definitely an opportunity not to be missed and is a project that, especially in these isolating times, needs to continue.’  Linking Teacher, Buckinghamshire

‘The Linking Network is an essential journey for children to take in Key Stage 2 as they begin to familiarise themselves with who they are as people and how they interact with others.’  Class teacher, Rochdale

‘This is an amazing project that gives pupils an opportunity to make new friends from other Schools that they will not meet in their normal lives.  I think it’s really good to teach them about Diversity, Respect and Kindness and allowing them to mix with different groups.’ Pendle Teacher 

‘It has really brought areas of the curriculum to life. It has enhanced ICT, English, PHSE and Humanities to name but a few. The children each year have forged amazing friendships with one another, some of which have lasted beyond the project.  It has highlighted to me that the children may be culturally different or economically different but at their hearts they are children who interact with other children successfully and enjoy each other’s company.  I hope that these links can continue for many years to come.’  Alison Hagen, St Lawrence’s (Newcastle)

‘To communicate with unfamiliar people is a key focus at the later stages of special needs education. Tower Hamlets Linking Project provided real life experiences to take this learning to the next stage: going out and learning to communicate and chat with others.  students met for the first time and this afforded the opportunity to chat and communicate with people neither set of students knew beforehand’  Beatrice Tate School, A Co-Educational SEN School for Pupils Aged 11-19 (Tower Hamlets)

‘The children who have taken part in the linking now have a strong sense that everyone is equal.‘  Linking teacher

‘They are aware of the need to be respectful and not to judge people based on media reports.’  Linking Teacher, North Marston School

‘The resources and training events help equip the staff to deliver high quality and enjoyable activities for all the students. Staff are so busy with their normal workload and these resources ease the pressure of creating their own resources and ideas.’  Linking Teacher, Dr Challenor’s Grammar School, Buckinghamshire

‘It’s a really beneficial project because it allows children to meet children from different backgrounds, different cultures, different places and find out that we are all the same and we celebrate our similarities and differences.‘ Teacher, Trafford school

The school linking program is an enormous asset that gives many students the only chance to meet others their age that may not share their faith, culture, ethnicity, or values.‘  Nasir Akhtar, Eden Boys Leadership Academy, Birmingham

‘We are very happy at Home Farm Primary school, to go ahead again with Bradford Schools Linking for 2020-2021. We have thoroughly loved being a part of this dynamic, vibrant, and enriching community experience. We will be able to adapt our links to virtual visits for our pupils. Thank you so very much for giving us this wonderful and positive learning and life experience. ‘   Year 4 Teacher -Home Farm Primary, Bradford 2020

‘I have been really pleased to see how the children in my class have grown in confidence over the course of the project… it has helped them to progress both socially and academically.  It has also been a great experience for me professionally as working in a one form entry school gives me limited opportunities to work alongside another teacher and the chance to share and combine ideas has been fantastic.’  Teacher in Kent

‘This project has been so beneficial to my class. They have not only learnt more about themselves, how they fit into and their importance in the world but also how other people are just as valuable and important. They have learnt to value and take an interest in the differences between people and the stories which make each person unique. Thank you for allowing us to be part of such a wonderful experience!’  Linking teacher, Kirklees

‘We’re raising a generation of children who will have been taught not to hate. I honestly think linking is the most important thing I’ve ever done in my teaching  life’.  lead Linking teacher, London

‘The experience / exposure and learning that our students have made on this journey has been truly amazing. Both the projects at Yr7 & 8 have been a huge eye opener and learning experience for our learners  with our Yr8’s who honestly became emotional as they were departing from their Park counterparts.  From my perspective the project is a foundation stone that is then used to build upon as life progresses…None of the above would have been possible without your support, enthusiasm, professionalism and organisation, you are all doing a fantastic role in bringing communities together, may you continue to prosper and flourish.’ An extract from a letter from a linking teacher in Pendle