Community, Togetherness and Social Action

This PowerPoint has been created as an assembly  on the theme of community, togetherness and social action.

  • The assembly looks at the poem ‘Together’ by Matt Goodfellow and highlights the different ways we can connect as a community and engage in bringing a positive change in the world.



Holocaust Memorial Day – Be The Light In The Darkness

Wednesday 27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day. We have created a PowerPoint and video with voice-overs to be used for upper KS2 rooted in this year’s theme of ‘Be The Light In The Darkness.’ The  Recorded Assembly PowerPoint highlights the actions of those who stood up against hate and prejudice and encourages children to think about how they can be a light in the world.  It is based on the ideas suggested by HMD which you can find here in full. You can also find the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust  primary assembly for 2021 here.

Ideas for creating your own Holocaust Memorial Day candle



Show The Love –  February 2022

The Climate Coalition’s Show the Love campaign is about using our voices to celebrate all the things we don’t want to lose to climate change. Everyone from musicians to footballers, astronauts to schoolchildren, actors to teachers and faith leaders get involved. As teachers we have recorded an assembly to help teachers share the message with their children learning in school or at home to help children think about what they love about the world. It uses the fantastic ideas and resources from the #Showthelove campaign which is supported by over 100 charities including the Woodland Trust, National Trust, World Wildlife Fund as well as many faith and community groups. We have recorded the assembly to make it easier for schools and teachers to use at this time when children are learning at home or in bubbles – but the ideas are all from the Climate Coalition website

At The Linking Network our linking schools often choose a shared piece of social action to bring the children together – making green hearts and sharing them with one another’s communities and finding connection through the things they love about the world.  And if you want to make some bunting for the classroom if you are teaching in school or to make at home here are some ideas we’ve used in schools. Show the Love – Bunting Activity

Here is the Climate Coalition’s 2022 pack of resources for schools – there are loads of wonderful ideas in here including creating green hearts for your window to share your love for the world, sending a postcard to your MP to ask them to support action on climate change, and  lots more. We hope you enjoy joining in with so many people to #showthelove




A series of recorded assemblies which schools can use to help children think about Kindness and Community. CLick here  to access all three assemblies-  Kindness Assembly PowerPoint with ideas for assemblies to support the play ‘When We Started Singing’, reflecting on different ways we can be kind to each other and how we can look after the environment.

Assembly 1:   Centring around kindness and the character of Mr Popple. Children watch the 15 minute online theatre play in this first assembly. The online play created by M6 Theatre helps children think about ways they can take action to reach out to the community around them and explore the #PowerOfYouth

Assembly 2:  A follow up from the play about Mr Popple, reflecting on the different ways we can be kind to each other.

Assembly 3: A focus on social action and kindness towards the world and nature. Children will have the opportunity to think about how they can look after the environment and make an environmental pledge as part of #iwill and #PowerOfYouth.

Environment Assembly



Let’s Talk About Human Rights


This assembly has been created  for Key Stage 2 Primary children to allow them to focus on the part they can play in upholding human rights for everyone. It includes a wonderful video clip We are all born free created by Amnesty Education to explain Human Rights to children.

It has been recorded with a voice over for the slides or if you wish to deliver it yourselves in school the script is in the notes below

A key focus of the assembly is the emphasis on how these rights apply to everyone and need to be offered to everyone.



Assembly on the importance of scientific discoveries such as vaccines. (KS3-KS5)

This assembly highlights the importance of scientific discoveries such as the Covid 19 vaccines.  The aim of this assembly is to give pupils a chance to appreciate the importance of scientific discoveries; particularly the new vaccines to combat Covid-19.

Powerpoint      Video



Making a Difference Assembly


The aim of this assembly is to give pupils an opportunity to think about how they can make a difference.
Students will hopefully have a chance to reflect and explore the following:

Can one person really make a difference?
How can we be successful agents of change?

Powerpoint          Video