How to be a Lion

This is a great book for exploring identity and the different ways to be truly who you are. One of our favourite lines in this book is ‘You don’t have to roar to be heard’. The unlikely friendship between Marianne the Duck and Leonard the Lion is strong and a role model for us all. As a team, we love reading this book with children so we are just delighted that Ed Vere has just shared a video below of himself reading the book for us all while we are #HomeLinking- thank you Ed!

You may just want to enjoy listening to the story – but if you would like to do something additional, we’ve made a PowerPoint with some things you might talk about the book and some ideas on ways to make yourself a lion out of materials at home.

How  to be a Lion Storytime with Sue

How to be a Lion PowerPoint

How to be a Lion Powerpoint PDF

Time for Storytime:  Ed Vere reads How to be a Lion


The Suitcase by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

This is a beautifully illustrated book that tells a gentle tale of tolerance and kindness towards others. Sue, who normally leads on our Special and Mainstream Linking, is also a marvellous storyteller. Gather round and enjoy as Sue reads The Suitcase!

The Suitcase Storytime with Sue

The Suitcase Drama and Talk Activity


Sometimes I Feel Sunny

A lovely book by Gillian Shields that allows children to explore the emotions that naturally occur in a child’s life.

Sometime I Feel Sunny Storytime with Sue




Incredible You by Rhys Brisenden

Incredible You is a fantastic book, with a wonderfully inspiring message- you don’t need to change to be incredible. This PowerPoint contains ideas for art activities, that you could do with your own class and possibly even exchange with your link class! So, whether you’re wanting to make an ‘Incredible’ bookworm or an Incredible You poster, this PowerPoint makes a great starting point!

Incredible You! (PowerPoint). Bookworm Template (PDF).

Incredible You abridged video