Health and Wellbeing

These resources help children to achieve objectives taken from the PSHE Association Programme of Study KS1 & KS2 Core Theme 1 Health and Wellbeing, particularly the strand of ‘Ourselves, growing and changing’. In addition, these resources will help children to achieve objectives from the Citizenship Programme of Study for KS1 & KS2. Specific objectives are outlined at on the PowerPoint for each resource.


This resource will support children in exploring their own name and think about the impact that this can have on them as an individual. It will also provide children with the opportunity to find out about other names and to begin thinking about similarities and differences between names and to think about the cultural and religious importance that names can have. Powerpoint          Powerpoint with English voice over


All About Me

This resource will build on the previous lesson where children explored their name. This PowerPoint will help pupils to explore their identity by creating an ‘All About Me’ poster, which consists of a self-portrait and hopes for the future.




Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

This powerpoint helps children think about aspects of their identity that can’t be seen and understand that we all hold multiple identities.  It contains a thoughtful activity that supports children in creating a mind-map representing who they are.




Feelings by Richard Jones and Libby Walden

This beautiful book explores the wide variety of feelings that children may have. Use this PowerPoint as a starting point in supporting children to think about the feelings they have and reflect on them.





Let’s Talk About Feelings

Talking about our feelings is so important for our wellbeing.  Here are some resources to help children understand what feelings are and why they might feel the way they do. Available with English and Urdu voiceover.

Powerpoint                  Powerpoint with Urdu Voiceover


Only One You

These resources uses the book ‘Only One You’ to support children in exploring and celebrating their individuality. The children will have the opportunity to create fish puppets and reflect on what makes them unique.

Powerpoint   Activity Sheet


Identity Maps

This resource helps children to reflect upon and deepen their thinking and understanding about their identity and the multiple strands that make up who they are.

Powerpoint   Powerpoint with Voiceover

Identity Map Example 1, Identity Map Example 2, Identity Cards


I am, I wonder

I am, I wonder is a resource that encourages pupils to reflect on their personal identity; what contributes to who they are (e.g. ethnicity, family, gender, faith, culture, hobbies, likes/dislikes), their individuality and personal qualities and interests and create a poem from a scaffold provided.  Powerpoint    Pupil Outcome   I am, I wonder scaffold    Wordbank



Magic Box

This resource uses a scaffold to support pupils to write a poem and encourage them to think about their hopes and dreams, likes and interests. They are encouraged to think about their personal identity; what contributes to who they are and what they believe is important.


Powerpoint with Voiceover

Poem Scaffold



I am who I am because of everyone

This resource helps pupils to consider the different things that contribute to who they are. From the things they like to do, to the places they like to go to and the people they like to spend time with. They will watch an old Orange advert featuring cyclist Mark Beaumont, to think about and discuss the people or places that have had an impact on them. There are also poems to look at and listen to that will give them ideas for creating their own. They can create a booklet or record a video, the choice is yours!  Powerpoint


Identity Circles

This resource can be used to help children reflect and understand that whilst we all have multiple identities, we can also find similarities between ourselves and others.

Powerpoint    Examples    Template



A Tale of Two Beasts

This resource uses the great book ‘A Tale of Two Beasts’ to help children understand the idea that we all see life from a different perspective. Through the use of the themes in the story, children can then create some artwork about their identity to show others who they are.




Skin Again

This resource draws upon the book Skin Again by bell hooks, which helps move conversation about skin colour forward for children to develop dialogue around identity, diversity, uniqueness, community, sense of belonging and equality.





Giraffes Can’t Dance

This resource uses the text ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance,’ to remind pupils that everyone has skills and talents. Some of these skills may be unusual or different to theirs but they are equally rewarding and valuable. Using this gentle story, the reader is reminded that everyone has something to contribute.


Powerpoint with Voiceover

Activity Sheet 1           Activity Sheet 2



An Attitude for Gratitude

This resource encourages pupils to think about things they are thankful for and explores the positives towards developing a habit of noticing them and showing gratitude towards them. Having an ‘attitude for gratitude’ can not only make us more thankful about the things, people and places we have around us, it can also make us feel great.



Feelings KS1

This resource helps children to explore their feelings and appreciate it is ok to feel different emotions at different times. This PowerPoint can be used alongside the book, ‘Sometimes I feel Sunny’ and is aimed at KS1.