Assembly ideas to explore identity, diversity, community, equality #SMSC. Written by teachers – tested in schools.


An inspiring range of ideas and teaching resources designed for school assemblies, and based on our four key questions, ideal for use with SMSC development.

Allerton Primary School in Bradford has developed an assembly strategy where representatives from the local interfaith centre, local churches and youth workers come together in an assembly they have jointly planned with a teacher from the school.

To help pupils to understand how they can contribute to society in small ways but that make a positive difference.

To develop pupils’ moral understanding of the values of perseverance and supporting others and their interest and empathy for others, using the story of Derek Redmond’s perseverance in injury and disappointment to explore the topics: How can we keep going when things go wrong? How can we help others?

To promote moral understanding of human rights and responsibilities, and the way that we all have a duty to uphold the rights of others.

This assembly helps children think about what they love about the world. It uses the fantastic ideas and resources from the #Showthelove campaign which is supported by over 100 charities including the Woodland Trust, National Trust as well as many faith and community groups.Finding similarities about the things we care about is a powerful way of building connections between children in linking classes and across a school.

SMSC Assembly Pack


TLN’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development Assembly pack suggests eight individual and carefully planned ideas for assembly/ collective worship that supports SMSC development.

The Holocaust Memorial Trust theme for 2020 is Stand Together. Their resources include an excellent video clip called Your voice is amazing. We have used this video to help pupils in an assembly explore how they can use their voice to support and stand with others and we have combined it with 3 stories taken from the HMD website of people who used their voice to Stand Together with others Lime Balla, Fefik Veseli and Nicholas Winterton. The assembly is aimed at UKS2 pupils.

To develop pupils’ curiosity in others and cultural understanding of the diversity of experience of migration and belonging in people they know.

To develop pupils’ understanding of diversity within their own school and to help them understand that there is more depth to everyone’s story than is visible.

To develop pupils’ understanding of diversity within the school community and develop curiosity about the lives of others.