Here are books that we recommend to help you explore identity, diversity, community and equality with your pupils in your own school or as part of a linking programme. All are excellent for spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.


by Alison Green ISBN-13: 978-1407196459
A lovely book where children imagine a world where everyone is kind. How can we make that come true?

By Linda Sarah ISBN-13: 978-1471119255
This book is an excellent primary read for anyone wanting to weave caring for the environment into their primary school linking class visits. Caring about something beyond ourselves and having a shared goal is a great way to form confident connections with others.

By Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross ISBN: 978-1402763465

A great book for Philosophical Conversations about seeing life from different perspectives.

By Malala Yousafzai ISBN-13: 978-0316319577

This book is a thoughtfully written, beautifully illustrated text which is age appropriate for use in primary school. We have seen it used to inspire all children about education and also about girls’ empowerment.

Based on a true story – Alia Muhammad Baker is the librarian in Basra, Iraq. For years, her library has been a meeting place for those who love books . When war arrives Alia struggles to save her community’s priceless collection of books … a book for every school library.

This book wonderfully explain and illustrates Human Rights in practice with powerful images of each right in practice in the positive. Haven’t used this book yet but can’t wait to share with children and young people.

By Fiona Roberton ISBN-13: 978-1444916720
‘A Tale of Two Beasts’ is a great book to help children grasp the idea that we all see life from a different perspective. It contains two stories – The Strange Beast’ and the ‘The Terrible Beast’. The child in the story assumes she knows what the animal wants – but never asks.

This is an excellent book which can be used to start a classroom conversation about the power of words and the importance of choosing them carefully if we want to have a positive impact and not hurt others. In the context of real concern about Hate Crime statistics for 11-17 year olds the content of this book provides a good way to teach and open up dialogue with primary age children about words.

by Linda Kranz ISBN: 9781589796669
You Be You continues the story of Adri begun in Only One You. You Be You is equally helpful and insightful in a primary classroom and as a shared stimulus for primary linking classes especially for art and dialogue work during class visits.

by Ann Jungman and Shelley Fowles ISBN: 9781845070854
Visitors to the mosque at Cordoba are plagued by the tricks of three boys: Rashid, who is Muslim, Samuel who is Jewish and Miguel who is Christian. Ann Jungman’s story demonstrates what can be achieved when people work together and don’t waste energy hating each other.

by Na’ima B Robert and Shirin Adl ISBN: 9781845079222
This beautiful picture book captures the joy and practicalities of this great annual event, from the perspective of a child. This is a book for all children who celebrate Ramadan and those who know them and beyond who want to understand what happens during this celebration.