Books to explore identity, diversity, community and equality with pupils. Great for #SMSC


I am I


by Marie -Louise Fitzpatrick 2006 Roaring Book Press ISBN: 978-1-596430540
I Am I is a memorable and stimulating text on the power of words. We use this book in the classroom to challenge children to think the ways in which people can hurt others with words and explore alternatives as part of the schools linking year to explore How we all live together.

Incredible You is a fantastic book, with a wonderfully inspiring message- you don’t need to change to be incredible.

By Alison Green ISBN-13: 978-1407196459
A lovely book where children imagine a world where everyone is kind. How can we make that come true?

By Malala Yousafzai ISBN-13: 978-0316319577

This book is a thoughtfully written, beautifully illustrated text which is age appropriate for use in primary school. We have seen it used to inspire all children about education and also about girls’ empowerment.

By Jeannie Baker ISBN: 9781406309140
‘The idea for this book came from my delight travelling in a country very different from my own.’- Jeannie Baker. This story can help children explore the key question, ‘How Do We All Live Together?’ and the ways our lives are interconnected.

This book wonderfully explain and illustrates Human Rights in practice with powerful images of each right in practice in the positive. Haven’t used this book yet but can’t wait to share with children and young people.

By Kate Milner ISBN: 9781911370062
The title of the book My Name is not Refugee reaches out with a key message for all. This thoughtful, moving book explains the refugee crisis and lives of children affected displaced in an accessible way.

By Melanie Walsh ISBN: 9780552550550
Pierre says ‘bonjour’. George says ‘hello’. But . . . they both say ‘achoo!’ when they sneeze. The world is full of all sorts of people, speaking different languages and living different kinds of lives, and this book can help young children understand and become comfortable with ideas of both similarity and difference.

Abdridged by Chris Van Wyk ISBN: 9780316545853
Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom tells the story of a true hero of our times; his famous biography has been specially adapted for children in a picture book format.

By Linda Kranz Taylor Trade Books ISBN: 10: 1589797485
“There’s only one you in this great big world. Make it a better place…” This beautiful little book is full of simple yet powerful wisdom relevant for us all. Only One You is a book with a strong message about individual liberty and equality we want all our children to make their own.

By Na’ima B Robert and Shirin Adl ISBN: 9781845079222
This beautiful picture book captures the joy and practicalities of this great annual event, from the perspective of a child. This is a book for all children who celebrate Ramadan and those who know them and beyond who want to understand what happens during this celebration.

By Ben Morley 2009 Tamarind ISBN: 978-1848530034
This steady, kind story helps key stage 2 children move forward in their empathy and understanding of asylum seekers and is a perfect way to gently open discussion around the refugee crisis. We often use the beginning and end of this book to start a conversation in the classroom and we have known teachers use it with Key Stage 3 pupils.