Here are books that we recommend to help you explore identity, diversity, community and equality with your pupils in your own school or as part of a linking programme. All are excellent for spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.


The Cloud


by Hannah Cumming 2010 Child’s Play ISBN: 978-1-84643-343-6
Everyone has bad days, and children are no exception. When a black cloud descends on a little girl at school, support from a classmate with a great deal of imagination helps to brighten up everyone’s lives.

by David Lucas 2015 Flying Eye Books ISBN-10: 190926350
This Is My Rock is a powerful thought provoking tale for us all and can be used in linking sessions helping children consider the impact of our thoughts and words on others and ultimately on ourselves.

by Carole McCloud 2015 Bucket Fillers ISBN-10: 099609993X
Through a simple story this heart-warming book encourages positive behaviour as children see how rewarding it is to express daily kindness, appreciation, and love.

by Maya Ajmera 2001 Charlesbridge Publishing ISBN: 0-88106-841-1
To be a Kid is filled with beautiful photographs celebrating children as they play and learn, as they spend time with their friends and family, and as they discover their environment and the world.

by Benjamin Zephaniah ISBN: 978-0711219021
A poetry collection from the poet Benjamin Zephaniah, celebrating the diversity of British society. We Are Britain is a fascinating and fun collection which we have used with children to explore ‘Who Am I?’, ‘Who Are We?’ ‘Where do we live? and ‘How Do We All Live Together?’.

Amnesty ISBN 10: 184780453
This inspirational book from Amnesty following We Are All Born Free, contains 17 quotations about many different aspects of freedom, from the freedom to learn and have an education to the freedom to have a home, to feel safe and the freedom to be yourself.

by Linda Kranz Taylor Trade Books ISBN: 10: 1589797485
“There’s only one you in this great big world. Make it a better place…” This beautiful little book is full of simple yet powerful wisdom relevant for us all. Only One You is a book with a strong message about individual liberty and equality we want all our children to make their own.

by Oliver Jeffers 2012 HarperCollins Children’s Books ISBN: 978-0-00-742066-7
This book is a great story all about allowing and valuing diversity and individuality and freedom. It is a core text for the Autumn term of the primary linking year.

by Michael Morpurgo 2010 Walker Books Ltd ISBN: 978-1-406326031
A television reporter’s extraordinary experience in the West Bank reveals how children’s hopes and dreams for peace and unity can fly higher than any wall built to divide communities and religions.

I am I


by Marie -Louise Fitzpatrick 2006 Roaring Book Press ISBN: 978-1-596430540
I Am I is a memorable and stimulating text on the power of words. We use this book in the classroom to challenge children to think the ways in which people can hurt others with words and explore alternatives as part of the schools linking year to explore How we all live together.

by Michael Foreman 2010 Walker Books Ltd ISBN: 978-1406325881
For a boy in the midst of poverty and war, nurturing a tiny green plant shoot has far reaching effects in this simple, universal fable of hope and connection.

by Oliver Jeffers 2017 HarperCollinsChildren’sBooks ISBN-10: 0008266166
In this wonderfully illustrated book, Jeffers takes his readers on a tour of Earth where he manages to encapsulate key messages of acceptance, kindness and caring for the planet (and its inhabitants) in a simple yet effective way.