Books to explore identity, diversity, community and equality with pupils. Great for #SMSC


The Wild Book


By Margarita Engle 2012 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt ISBN: 978-0547581316
The Wild Book is a vibrant novel in verse, which paints a glowing portrait of the author’s grandmother as a young girl. These activities engage students in discussions around the potential barriers to learning, concepts of hope and a sense of belonging.

By David Lucas 2015 Flying Eye Books ISBN-10: 190926350
This Is My Rock is a powerful thought provoking tale for us all and can be used in linking sessions helping children consider the impact of our thoughts and words on others and ultimately on ourselves.

By Maya Ajmera 2001 Charlesbridge Publishing ISBN: 0-88106-841-1
To be a Kid is filled with beautiful photographs celebrating children as they play and learn, as they spend time with their friends and family, and as they discover their environment and the world.

By Britta Teekentrup ISBN 978-1848577411
We really like the line repeated throughout the book- we all live under the same sky which builds through this book for young children and we have just written a series of classroom lessons inspired by the book.

By Anthony Browne 1999 Corgi Children’s ISBN: 978-0552545648
Voices in the Park uses story and imagery to tell the story of a shared space through the voices of four different characters. The differing perspectives of each very different character give a fascinating depth to this simple story which explores themes such as alienation and anger as well as friendship and hope.

By Amnesty International 2008 Frances Lincoln ISBN: 978-1845076504
This picture book illustrating the 30 rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a great way to think about how we all live together, and should respect each others’ rights.
KS2 | 60 Mins | Group

By Benjamin Zephaniah ISBN: 978-0711219021
A poetry collection from the poet Benjamin Zephaniah, celebrating the diversity of British society. We Are Britain is a fascinating and fun collection which we have used with children to explore ‘Who Am I?’, ‘Who Are We?’ ‘Where do we live? and ‘How Do We All Live Together?’.

By Jonathan Emmett & Nathan Reed 2004 Harper Collins ISBN: 978-0007141210
What Friends do Best is a story about perseverance, sharing and friendship. The school system increasingly recognises and rewards individual achievements. Sometimes however, there are things that are much harder to achieve working alone than they are if working together with others.

By Eric Carle 2010 Puffin ISBN: 978-01413322031
The Bad-Tempered Ladybird, by Eric Carle tells the story of a ladybird who does not want to share his aphids, with the distinctive images that Carle is famous for.

This is an excellent book which can be used to start a classroom conversation about the power of words and the importance of choosing them carefully if we want to have a positive impact and not hurt others. In the context of real concern about Hate Crime statistics for 11-17 year olds the content of this book provides a good way to teach and open up dialogue with primary age children about words.

By Linda Kranz ISBN: 9781589796669
You Be You continues the story of Adri begun in Only One You. You Be You is equally helpful and insightful in a primary classroom and as a shared stimulus for primary linking classes especially for art and dialogue work during class visits.