Linking Resources

Teaching ideas for our four key questions and for linking


This video made by a Year 5 Primary Class to share with their link class is so simple – yet creates such a welcome for the link class before their visit. We especially love the home made keyhole – feels within reach for us!

Sentence starters for reflection and evaluation.
KS2 | 15 Mins | Individual

by Britta Teekentrup ISBN 978-1848577411
We really like the line repeated throughout the book- we all live under the same sky which builds through this book for young children and we have just written a series of classroom lessons inspired by the book.

Powerpoint to accompany Lesson 1 Visible and Invisible from the Primary Identity Pack.

These slides can be adapted to welcome students from another school, explain icebreakers and finally explain reflective activities at the end of the day for the two linking classes.

KS2 | 30 Mins | Teacher led, group activity

A resource template for KS1 learners to record information about Who am I?

From Buckinghamshire Counci Council
KS1 | 30 Mins | Individual

Where I’m from and I am poem ideas.
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