Primary Resources

Classroom Teaching Resources to explore identity, diveristy, community, equality and active citizenship.


A creative activity that gets learners to think about the ways in which we visually represent ourselves and learn about other groups.

KS2 | 30 Mins | Group

Starter activity to explore where place names come from, and what meaning might be contained within a place name.

KS2 | 15 Mins | Group

By Ben Morley 2009 Tamarind ISBN: 978-1848530034
This steady, kind story helps key stage 2 children move forward in their empathy and understanding of asylum seekers and is a perfect way to gently open discussion around the refugee crisis. We often use the beginning and end of this book to start a conversation in the classroom and we have known teachers use it with Key Stage 3 pupils.

A great picture book to explore ‘fitting in’, how we fit into different groups and the way we include people who join us.

KS1 | 30 Mins | Teacher led

The starfish story can be a helpful way to help learners understand active citizenship and encourage them that it is worth taking action to make a difference.

KS2 | 15 Mins | Teacher led

Using stories to help learners explore the way people think and feel about where they live.

KS2/3 | 30 Mins | Teacher led

A fun and participatory activity that allows learners to discover the connections between themselves.

KS2 | 30 Mins | Teacher led

A structured series of lesson plans drawing together the best practice, developed at SL, for preparing a KS2 class to meet.

The purpose of The Linking Network Identity Pack is to develop discussion on the concepts of identity, diversity, uniqueness and belonging by exploring TLN’s four key questions – Who am I? Who are we? Where do we live? and How do we all live together? These activities are not designed for linking days, however many are ideal for use in exchange of identity work.

A picture book that raises questions about ‘fitting in’, and the way we support or ignore people who join us.

KS2 | 60 Mins | Teacher led

Short individual activity that gets learners to think about the places that are important to them. Contributes to their understanding of multiple identities.

KS2 | 60 Mins | Individual

An activity using the book Skin Again to deal with the potentially controversial issue of skin colour and identity in a safe manner.

KS2 | 60 Mins | Group