Primary Resources

Classroom Teaching Resources to explore identity, diveristy, community, equality and active citizenship.


A participatory activity exploring the local, national and global scales of where we live, based on the Geoscapes activity.

KS2 | 15 Mins | Teacher led

A fun and participatory activity that allows learners to discover the connections between themselves.

KS2 | 60 Mins | Group

By Britta Teekentrup ISBN 978-1848577411
We really like the line repeated throughout the book- we all live under the same sky which builds through this book for young children and we have just written a series of classroom lessons inspired by the book.

An activity that helps learners to think about how they see others and how others see them. It makes connections between what we see and identity.

KS2 | 60 Mins | Group

Powerpoint to accompany Lesson 1 Visible and Invisible from the Primary Identity Pack.

We Are All Born Free


This picture book illustrating the 30 rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a great way to think about how we all live together, and should respect each others’ rights.

KS2/3 | 60 Mins | Group

By Jonathan Emmett & Nathan Reed 2004 Harper Collins ISBN: 978-0007141210
What Friends do Best is a story about perseverance, sharing and friendship. The school system increasingly recognises and rewards individual achievements. Sometimes however, there are things that are much harder to achieve working alone than they are if working together with others.

By Eric Carle 2010 Puffin ISBN: 978-01413322031
The Bad-Tempered Ladybird, by Eric Carle tells the story of a ladybird who does not want to share his aphids, with the distinctive images that Carle is famous for.

A critical thinking activity that gets learners to think about themselves and explore their own make-up through the metaphor of a backpack.

KS2 | 30 Mins | Individual

Using Philosophy for Children this activity engages students together in a self-critical (reflective) practice of asking questions, testing ideas and arriving at conclusions.
KS2 | 30 Mins | Group

A simple mapping activity that encourages learners to think about the places that determine who we are.

KS2 | 60 Mins | Group

A creative activity that gets learners to think about the ways in which we visually represent ourselves and learn about other groups.

KS2/3 | 30 Mins | Group