This section includes videos to use in the classroom, videos sharing case studies of schools linking work across the country and videos for teacher training


This new 1 minute video clip has been made by the Climate Change Coalition to support the #showthelove campaign

Our Story is a sensitive, thoughtful video which shares the insight and advice of some young people who have made their home in Rochdale. It was made Rochdale Council and M6 Theatre by Kilogramme and the young people themselves have done the voiceover.

This poem was written by a Year 4 class in Bradford working with their teacher and a TLN Advisory Teacher.

This really helpful video has been produced by the Faith and Belief Forum team in partnership and with funding from the National Schools Linking Programme.

This wonderful video I am who I am was made by a Year 4 Class in Rochdale and sent to their link class. Teachers on the linking programme will recognise this favourite poem and be in awe at the props and the power of this film

This Teachers TV filmed a schools linking class visit in Bradford. We think it is useful to see the activity in action.

This teacher training video shares learning and top tips learnt during class to class digital linking.