Videos for the classroom, case studies and teacher training.


This video shows some of the work that schools do to prepare their pupils for the meeting with their linking partner.

Many children are nervous before meeting their new linking partners and by the time they meet many may have exchanged letters or emails to help get to know each other beforehand.

This video shows the achievements of two schools that linked along the theme of healthy eating.

This video shows the second meeting of two primary schools at a football ground. There is a lot of discussion on the theme of ‘Where do we live?’

This video shows a linking day where one school visits another and the linked schools have classes together.

This video shows pupils at a neutral venue, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The children are looking at Barbara Hepworth’s ‘The Family of Man’

This video shows a meeting at Cartwright Hall exploring the different kinds of artwork available in their galleries.

This video shows how a community of enquiry approach to reflection can be used in a classroom setting.

This video shows the children reflecting on their experiences of linking; how they felt before, during and after the linking.

This video shows a food festival organised by the schools to help get parents involved in the linking process.

This video shows the children preparing for a performance at a city festival.

Linking projects have been a part of this city festival for several years as it allows the children to perform the drama, music or dance pieces they have created together on stage as part of a celebration of Bradford. This video shows some of those performances.