This section includes videos to use in the classroom, videos sharing case studies of schools linking work across the country and videos for teacher training


This video shows a linking day where one school visits another and the linked schools have classes together.

This video shows pupils at a neutral venue, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The children are looking at Barbara Hepworth’s ‘The Family of Man’

This video shows a meeting at Cartwright Hall exploring the different kinds of artwork available in their galleries.

This video shows how a community of enquiry approach to reflection can be used in a classroom setting.

This video shows the children reflecting on their experiences of linking; how they felt before, during and after the linking.

This video shows the children preparing for a performance at a city festival.

Linking projects have been a part of this city festival for several years as it allows the children to perform the drama, music or dance pieces they have created together on stage as part of a celebration of Bradford. This video shows some of those performances.