This resource is also offered as a tutorial to allow for more discussion. Like the assembly, the tutorial will hopefully give pupils an opportunity to explore how we are all part of something bigger and why reflecting on our wider society and the world around us is important.

It goes without saying


An activity that explores the hidden or unwritten rules that help us all to live together.

KS2/3 | 60 Mins | Teacher led

Link Day Plan


An outline plan designed for a first Secondary School Linking visit day. This is for use by the linked pairs of schools when visiting each other and meeting for the first time.

An outline timetable designed for a Secondary School Link day, with activity information, resource requirements and responsibilities.

Working from home is never easy. The key is to make each day count by taking small steps and forming good habits that will lead to big differences. This resource is designed to get pupils to think about the changes that they can make and reflect on their stumbling blocks. So let’s get started…

Name Games


What’s in a name? A great way to break the ice with pupils by getting them to explore names and some of the stories behind one’s name. This activity will get your pupils out of their seats doing some engaging name activities.

deas for using film extracts of the book ‘Noughts and Crosses’ by Majorie Blackman by the Royal Shakespeare Company. This resource encourages users to think critically about the hurtful impact words can have and discusses how we can make a difference to others.

The ideas and resources for this lesson are from the RSC Noughts and Crosses activity pack.

Thinking activity that supports learners to consider the future of their place. It introduces the idea of probable and preferable futures and their role as active citizens.

KS3 | 60 Mins | Group

To be completed by teachers from proposing schools, this document outlines why and with whom a school would like to link. The document also suggests pre-linking tasks and includes an outline plan for a link day.

Postcards made for exchange by secondary students.
KS3 | 60 Mins | Individual

We’ve created some assembly slides for you to use in school to focus on the contribution and sacrifice of people from across the commonwealth and to support the ‘Remember Together’ campaign Schools can select from and add these slides to their remembrance assembly.

To be completed by students, this personal evaluation form is designed to capture students’ thoughts at the beginning of a class visit day and at the end of the day.