Homeschooling Activities


Nature is full of sights, sounds and smells for us to enjoy. What weird and wonderful things can you discover about the natural world around you?

Use this resource to look at, listen and smell nature whilst out on your daily walk.  All you have to do is print off the chatterbox and follow our step by step instructions!

iwill Chatterbox

Make A Nature ChatterBox Instruction Guide


Creating a bug bedroom for creatures great and small is fantastic for the environment. Making safe spaces for wildlife to shelter can encourage biodiversity and is also a fun way to pass the time. Click below for step by step instructions!

Making A Bug Bedroom

Making A Bug Bedroom Powerpoint


There are a number of fantastic ways to stay connected during the current climate. We have a number of brilliant activities to stay in touch with those you care about. Have a look!

Staying Connected

Staying Connected 2


Here’s a game we’ve called Walking Bingo that you can play whilst out on your daily exercise with a grown up. Stay connected to our beautiful world and see how many of these fun things you can spot.

Walking Bingo


Ever wondered what to do with your old milk cartons? Why not follow our simple step by step instructions showing you how to reuse household items to make a birdfeeder. It’s a brilliant activity to do with your children that is both fun and eco-friendly.

Making A Birdfeeder

Making A Birdfeeder


Here’s some fantastic ways to show your appreciation for all key workers and frontline volunteers who are helping to keep us safe during the current time.

Say Thank You

Making A Thank You Poster