The Hueys in the New Jumper

Key Primary Linking Book

by Oliver Jeffers 2012 HarperCollins Children’s Books ISBN: 978-0-00-742066-7

Each Huey looks the same, thinks the same, and does the same exact things, so chaos is caused when one of them (Rupert) has the idea of knitting a jumper! It makes him different and this doesn’t go down too well. This point in the book can be used to explore the ways people can limit others individuality and be unkind in small but significant ways that sadly have a real impact. In the end Rupert’s friend and in turn the rest of the Hueys decide that they want to be different too and they all eventually follow the crowd and knit the same jumper. This book is a great story all about allowing and valuing diversity and individuality and freedom. It is a core text for the Autumn term of the primary linking year.


Resources to go with this book:


  • Primary Linking-Autumn Term CPD1

The Hueys (PowerPoint). Lesson Plan (Word doc). Pupil Example (PDF). We have been using The Hueys and the New Jumper by Oliver Jeffers as a book for CPD1 for a couple of years now. The book explores the way we all want to fit in and how we react to  difference within our own communities.  In the book Rupert knits himself a jumper which creates a stir as ‘the thing about the Hueys is that they are all the same’.   It can provide a gentle structure to discussions about allowing individuality.  It also lends itself to artwork on linking days or is an enjoyable art based exchange. We have created a PowerPoint here for you to use. You’ll need a copy of the book to teach the lesson.


  • Primary Linking-Spring/Summer Term CPD2

The Hueys and the New Jumper Class Visit Activities (PowerPoint). ‘The Hueys‘ by Oliver Jeffers is a great book that can be used to explore individuality and to reflect on why this is importance and should be celebrated. These PowerPoints contain activities for class work as well as ideas for shared activities during linking visit days.