Fun Challenges

Rainbow Walk

In this activity, children pick a colour of the rainbow at the beginning of their daily walk and then try and find as many objects of that colour as they can. Choose a different colour the next day until they’ve found all the colours of the rainbow! Use the PowerPoint of Home Learning Activity Sheet to support this.

Rainbow Walk PowerPoint

Rainbow Walk Home Learning Activity

Create a Teeny Tiny Twig Raft

The Scouts are challenging you to build a miniature raft with twigs and leaves and then watch it set sail.  You need a minimal number of items but the fun will be maximum! Click here to find out how to make your raft.

This activity can be found on the Scouts website. To find out more fun indoor activities by the Scouts them simply click the here.

Windowsill Gardener

Did you know that there are lots of herbs and vegetables that you can grow in water from the scraps that you would normally throw away? Down load this resource to find out how to grow different herbs and vegetables without leaving your house.

Be a windowsill gardener. 

Windowsill Art

Try this windowsill art activity whilst staying indoors. It’s so creative and completely up to you what you draw.

Windowsill Art

Bringing the Outside Inside - Blossom Tree

Seeing a tree covered in a blossom is a sure sign that Spring is here! Following these step-by-step instructions, children can easily create their own blossom tree picture to bring a little piece of Spring to their own living rooms!

Blossom Tree PowerPoint

Blossom Tree Activity Sheet

Plastic Bottle Skittles

Have you ever wondered what to do with all the packaging we can’t recycle? How about making playground skittles? You can download our instructions by clicking on the link below.

Plastic Bottle Skittles


Rainbow Mobile

Rainbows are beautiful and a really great way to help brighten spirits. If you fancy making something a little different, why not try your hand at making a rainbow mobile- it can be hung up anywhere and will look amazing!

Rainbow Mobile PPT

Rainbow Mobile Home Learning Activity


Create A Work Of Art

Click on the link and follow their three steps to make a work of art using the objects and people in your house!

Make A Work Of Art

Credit: Getty

Egg Box Mouse

Create a mouse by reusing food packaging and other household items. Simply click on the link for your step by step instructions.

Egg Box Mouse 

Credit:Darrell Wakelam



Making Elmer

Here’s an activity that shows you how to make Elmer The Elephant by reusing empty milk bottles. It’s a way to have fun and care for the environment.

Elmer Art

Credit: Rimrose Hope C of E Primary



Plastic Bottle Skittles

PE with Joe Wicks

Join Joe Wicks for a fun workout aimed at children (though adults can join in too!) Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel happier, more energised and more optimistic.

PE with Joe Wicks

Learn to Draw

Author and illustrators, Ed Vere and Rob Biddulph are posting ‘How to Draw’ videos at 10am on Wednesdays and Fridays (Ed) and Tuesdays and Thursdays (Rob).



Share a rainbow

Rainbows are a symbol of positivity, hope and togetherness. Take a look at this PowerPoint (best viewed in full screen) to see how many different ways people have created rainbows in their community. Why not try and create your own?

Rainbows PowerPoint

A Nature Rainbow

Beautiful rainbows are popping up everywhere to raise spirits and make us smile. Here’s an inventive way to create your own rainbow whilst out on your daily walk.

Nature Rainbow

Credit: Beckfoot Heaton Primary School and Nursery

Self Portrait

Why not create a self portrait on a stone? All need is a stone which you can collect on your daily walk and a felt-tip pen.

Be A Woodland Trust Nature Detective

This is a wonderful resource created by the Woodland Trust.  It’s full of activities for all ages that you can do on your daily walk. Why not join in and become a leaf, twig and spring spotter!

Nature Detective

Credit: The Woodlands Trust

Wildlife Yoga

Help your children with their daily fitness activity by trying out some of these ‘wild’ yoga poses by The Wildlife Trusts.

Wildlife Yoga

Credit: The Wildlife Trusts

Wild Art

Have a look at what natural materials you can find when on your daily walk and use them to make a piece of ‘Wild Art.’  You might choose to create a house out of twigs or a self-portrait using leaves and flowers. As long as you have your imagination the possibilities are endless.

Wild Art 

Credit: National Trust


Darrell Wakelam is releasing daily art activities during lockdown and we love them because they use pieces of rubbish that you might have lying around the house. This Venus Fly Trap has been created from old toilet tubes and eggboxes!

Darrell Wakelam #ArtJumpstart