How Do We All Live Together?

Come and See the Show

We have a lovely play ‘When We Started Singing‘  for children to watch, with follow up resources to prompt discussion and action afterwards. ‘When We Started Singing’ is about connecting with others through kindness in the community. The play was commissioned  in collaboration with Rochdale Council and created by the M6 Theatre Company.

The play tells the story of Mr Popple who feels lonely during lockdown and finds a way to connect with the neighbours in his street. A lovely and uplifting story for 2021.



Kindness Jar

What can you do to be kind today? Why not encourage kindness at home by making your own Kindness Jar? All you need is an empty jar and some slips of paper and some ideas.

Kindness Jar Home Learning Activity

Kindness Calendar

One way you can encourage kindness at home is by making a Kindness Calendar! Why not use the template below to get started?

Kindness Calendar Home Learning Activity

Kindness Calendar Template

Kindness Chatterbox

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a ‘Kindness Chatterbox’ full of random acts of kindness. All you need is a pen and some paper.

Kindness Chatterbox

Kindness Hand Art

Art work can really help to brighten up someone’s day and could even put a smile on their face. Spread kindness by creating hand art to put up in your window for others to enjoy!

Kindness Hand Art Home Learning Sheet

Spreading Kindness

What can you do that would be kind today? There are lots of great ideas of ways we can all be kinder. Use this PowerPoint to talk about ways we can spread kindness through small (and big) acts. As well as thinking here are some things you could make – a Kindness Jar, a Kindness Hand, a Kindness Chatterbox or even a Kindness Calendar.

Kindness PowerPoint

Kindness Powerpoint PDF version

Flower Yoghurt Pots

Sometimes just a word can help you. Follow these step by step instructions to use your empty yogurt pots to make something new. Choose kind words to decorate the base. #socialaction

Flower Yoghurt Pots PowerPoint

Flower Yoghurt Pots Powerpoint PDF version

Kindness Posters

Encourage and spread kindness by making some Kindness Posters to hang up around your home and on your windows for others to see! You can use the posters below as inspiration.

Kindness Posters Home Learning Activity

Kindness Poster Example 1

Kindness Poster Example 2

Love Our Neighbours

Caring for family and friends is a great way to show how much they mean to us. We can also extend that care to our neighbours and communities- it’s a lovely way to brighten spirits and can help bring a smile to someone’s face. We have thought of three challenges that you may want to try out- all at a safe distance.

Love Our Neighbours Home Learning Activity


Learn a Language

This amazing school  Newbury Park School in Essex in England have made a website with video clips of their pupils teaching us all a little of the  language they speak – we think this is a brilliant way to learn to say Hello, Count to 10 and more. Thank you Newbury Park School. We have been telling teachers about your website all this year but we thought we would share this with everyone learning at home as well

Newbury Park School Language Website

Freedom Park - Introducing Human Rights

This resource explores what our Human Rights are and what ones we feel are most important to us.
Using Freedom Park from Amnesty’s book We Are All Born Free and a video produced by Amnesty to deepen understanding of what the different rights are and why they matter.

Thanks to Amnesty for allowing us to use and share Freedom Park.

Freedom Park – Introducing Human Rights


Caring For Our World

Show your support in creating a greener, cleaner and brighter future by making a green heart and displaying it in your window.There are so many different ways to make your hearts. Click on the resources below to give you a helping hand.

Making  a green heart with natural materials 

Making a green heart from recycled materials

These resources has been inspired by The Climate Coalition and ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers


Saying Hello

Greeting others is a great way to not only start a conversation but to also help make others feel welcome. Use this PowerPoint to think about how we can greet others and explore some of the different languages we can use to say hello.

Saying Hello PowerPoint

Saying Hello Powerpoint PDF version

Saying Hello Powerpoint with Voiceover in English         

Saying Hello PowerPoint with Voiceover in Urdu

Saying Hello Learning Activity

Show the Love

There are so many things that we all love about our world. What things are really special to you? What would you like to ‘Show your Love’ for? Use this PowerPoint and/or the Home Learning Activity to think about and discuss this, then ‘Show the Love’ by making some fabulous bunting to hang up in your home (or near your window). A great way to share and celebrate what you most love about our world. Your bunting could include a rainbow- lots of people are posting rainbows at the moment to make people who pass by smile.

Show the Love PowerPoint

Show the Love Powerpoint PDF version

Show the Love Home Learning Activity

Building an Attitude for Gratitude

When we notice the good things that happen to us and around us, it helps to make us happier. Look around you and see what you notice- what are you thankful or grateful for? Use this PowerPoint to build a positive attitude for gratitude then to help build an Attitude for Gratitude, you could keep a gratitude diary. In it, you can add something you are grateful for every day then maybe you can look back and see some things that have made you happy.

Attitude for Gratitude PowerPoint

Attitude for Gratitude Powerpoint PDF version

Attitude for Gratitude Home Learning Activity

Attitude for Gratitude Diary Template

Curiosity Questions

Questions can be a fantastic way to find out more about others. Why not think of some questions to send to your family and friends- a great way to keep conversations fun and interesting!

Curiosity Questions PowerPoint

Curiosity Questions Powerpoint PDF version

Curiosity Questions Home Learning Activity

The following resources help children to explore rules, democracy and freedom.


L1-Democracy PDF

This resource helps talk to children about democracy – thsi version refers to having to Stay At Home during coronavirus.

L1-Democracy-1 Powerpoint

Democracy 2

L2-Democracy PDF

L2-Democracy Powerpoint