It’s Good to Talk

Let's Talk About Our Feelings

Talking about our feelings is so important for our wellbeing.  Here’s a resource to help children understand what feelings are. It can also be used to start a great discussion about why we might feel a certain way.

Let’s Talk About Our Feelings (English Voice-Over)

Let’s Talk About Our Feelings  (Urdu Voice-Over)

Let’s Talk About Our Feelings PDF

Linking by Thinking

These homework questions are designed to promote deep and thoughtful thinking and stimulate discussions between children and other adults .

Download discussion questions for KS2 here

Download a booklet format for KS2 here

Download discussion questions for KS3 here

Social Distancing

We’ve created a powerpoint to help you talk to your children about social distancing, social isolation and social bubbles. This resource can be used at home or at school.

Social distancing powerpoint

While We Can't Hug by Eoin McLaughlin

This is a lovely story to help explain social distancing. to young children.  

While We Can’t Hug


Make and Talk - Incredible You Bookworms

A chance to create an Incredible You bookworm and talk about the different positive qualities that make each of us who we are.  

Incredible You Bookworm PowerPoint

Incredible You Bookworm Powerpoint PDF

Drawings That Speak To Us

Many people are finding these drawings by Charlie Macksey inspiring and comforting. He has just drawn one for NHS workers, another showing a child with a grandparent, one about storms and finally one focusing on the kind of people we want to be. Which one means the most to you?
Credit: Charlie Macksey

Julia Donaldson - Time To Talk

Here’s an activity that will allow you to talk to your children about the changes that have taken place in our lives recently. The wonderful Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler have updated their storybook characters to fit with the current times. We’ve created a PowerPoint and some questions to accompany their work to support families in having conversations during this tricky time.

Julia Donaldson – Time To Talk – (English audio)

Julia Donaldson – Time To Talk (Urdu audio)

Show Your Love For The World

There are lots of wonderful things we can do to show our love for the world. This resource will help ignite discussions in your home about the actions that we can take to show the world we care. It contains the inspiring poem ‘Start Now’ by Matt Goodfellow, which encourages us to be the change we want to see.

Start Now

Start Now PDF

Choose by Matt Goodfellow

We’ve create an activity based on the poem ‘Choose’ by the talented Matt Goodfellow. It’s a talk activity that allows children to think about the words they can choose to use to make a positive difference in the world.

Better Words

Better Words PDF

Drawings That Speak To Us

Coping Calendars

During this difficult time, we can have very mixed feelings- children and adults alike! These calendars have daily actions to help us look after ourselves and each other as we face this global crisis together. The Action for Happiness website will also upload a new calendar for each month.

Active April Coping Calendar

Action for Happiness Website

Meaningful May Coping Calendar 

Joyful June Coping Calendar

Questions to ask your child in isolation from Young Minds

These questions from Young Minds help parents promote discussions with children about isolation. The 16 ideas on the Young Minds website for things to do at home and are also really great. They are all very accessible and as members of the TLN team, we love the list and are going to work our way through them – from putting on some music to dance, cooking together and playing with an indoor ball. The ideas are all things to do that create a chance to talk.

Conversation Starters

Young Minds Website for Activities


You Are Unique and Incredible!

We know children thrive on attention and time to talk! This resource is based on a wonderful book called Incredible You that we use in Schools Linking to try to help every child realise their unique contribution and realise that everyone else has something to offer too. You could just talk and enjoy the pictures or you could create rainbow  artwork of your own and display it in your window.

Incredible You Rainbow PowerPoint

Incredible You Rainbow Powerpoint PDF

The Suitcase

This is a beautifully illustrated book that tells a gentle tale of tolerance and kindness towards others. Listen to  Sue, our resident storyteller, read the book and then why not take part in the talk activity below?

The Suitcase video

The Suitcase Drama and Talk Activity