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Reflecting on the death of George Floyd and the importance of Human Rights


The aim of this session is to allow you to reflect on the Black Lives Matter movement, the death of George Floyd and the importance of human rights for all. Hopefully, it will also remind pupils that the acts of a small minority do not reflect the beliefs or practises of the majority. It should also allow us to reflect on positive ways forward.

Reflecting on the death of George Floyd and the importance of Human Rights (Powerpoint)

Reflecting on the death of George Floyd and the importance of Human Rights (Video)




I am.......


This session gives you an opportunity to step away from your ‘Things to do’ list and focus on yourself. Let’s celebrate who we are, what makes us so special and reflect on how different people have had an impact on our identity. Hopefully spending a moment on ‘me’ will help you to be more positive about yourself and those who have had an impact on our lives!

We are all part of something great…we are a community of different stories, hopes and journeys. We are all unique and yet we have so much in common.

Here is the link to the video version

Here is the link to the powerpoint version I am Tutorial- home learning X

Let’s protect ourselves and those around us…Stay home as much as possible and please stay safe. Read more about how you can stay safe by visiting:


The Linking Network's Guide to Social Distancing

Social distancing saves lives. But how does it work? What actually is the R rate? We have created a compelling home learning resource for secondary pupils, highlighting the importance of staying home and staying safe. Please take a look…

Senior medical staff  at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have kindly checked over the content of this resources as we know how important it is for this information to be accurate.

Click on the link to download the PowerPoint.’s-Guide-to-Social-Distancing-1.pptx


Or watch and listen to a video version


Looking after our mental health during Covid

Surviving lockdown is hard. Looking after our mental health is crucial. Many of us are finding we have good days and bad days. If you are struggling with anxiety, worry or feeling stressed then please talk to someone. You might have a family member, friend or someone at school who you can trust.

We’ve pulled together a list of places you can get help if you are finding it hard to cope. Here are some places you can get help.

Making it Happen!

The session was planned with the current issues around Covid-19 in mind and exploring ways to create a positive mindset and routines to help us work effectively at home.

This aim of this session is to give you an opportunity to reflect on how we are agents of change and why positive visualisations and planning is the first step in preparing effectively for our future.

Pupils will:

  • acknowledge how we are agents of change
  • realise that even at the most difficult times, it is important to be optimistic and plan for a better future
  • picture in their minds what success looks like
  • explore ways of working in a more focussed way
  • reflect on how they can plan effectively for the next month

The resource is available here Making it happen Powerpoint

This resource is also available on YouTube



Make this day great

Working from home is never easy. One key is to try make something of each day by taking small steps and forming good habits that can add up to big differences. This resource is designed to get secondary school students to think about the changes that they can make and reflect on their stumbling blocks. So let’s get started…

Click on the link to download the PowerPoint or click on the video link. Both versions have a voice over embedded.

Make this day great -Powerpoint

Community - staying positive and mindful of others

This is a difficult time for many of us. This audio PowerPoint and video are to help us reflect on the importance of community and how helpful it is for us to stay positive and mindful of others. Only by working together can we overcome the issues that we are currently facing.

Click on the link to download the PowerPoint or click on the video link. Both versions have a voice over embedded.

Community – staying positive and mindful of others – powerpoint

Community – staying positive and mindful of others – video

Seeing the bigger picture- Avoid the trap of Fake News!

This session explores why it is good to be sceptical about what you read on the web. The internet is amazing, but we need to be careful and keep asking questions about the reliability of information online.
Links that will be useful for this session are listed below.
Really cool BBC quiz on fake news:… Also have a look at the video from 2017 where a Buzzfeed news reporter talks about avoiding fake news: The story of Fadak Alfayadh can be explored in the link below, it shows the importance of seeing the bigger picture and dangers of scapegoating:…
How could you make other people aware of what we have looked at? Create a poster that you could easily scan or take a picture of- showing how others should be careful about fake news. Send your poster to and we will be able to share your work with other schools across the country.

The Flourishing Tree

Flourishing Tree is a great tool to help you think about how to look after yourself and your wellbeing when you’re at home. You can do this activity on your own, with someone you live with or online with a friend.

You don’t need any equipment  to do this activity but you might like to draw an outline of a tree so you can keep it and use it on a day when you need some help to remember what things you can do to feel well.

Flourishing Tree

Be careful what you share online

The Government have created a checklist which is useful to think through before you share something online which might not be true

Be careful what you share online…

Poems to help us express our feelings

This resource combines English, PSHE and art by guiding children to think and talk about their own feelings. From this, they then create their own poems. Inspired by a resource by The Philosophy Man P4C. Click here to download the powerpoint.



Audible have released a number of free audiobooks for children. There is a large selection of Audible originals as well as well some much-loved classics.

Simply click here and choose!

I am who I am because of everyone

There are lots of different things that all contribute to who we are. From the things we like to do, to the places we like to go to and the people we like to spend time with. Use the link below to watch the Orange advert featuring cyclist Mark Beaumont, to think about and discuss the people or places that have had an impact on you. You could then use the Home Learning Activity to create your own I am poem.

Orange Video

I am poem activity

Drawings That Speak To Us

Many people are finding these drawings by Charlie Macksey inspiring and comforting. He has just drawn one for NHS workers, another showing a child with a grandparent, one about storms and finally one focusing on the kind of people we want to be.
Which one means the most to you?