Staying Connected

Make a /together coalition 'Thank you' poster

‘On Sunday 5th July mark the birthday of the NHS by joining together to say a big “thank you” to everyone who is helping us through these difficult times, from carers and helpers, to friends and family. And make a promise to each other to get through the months and years ahead, together!’ Join in their campaign by creating a ‘Thank you’ poster for the people that have helped us through these difficult times. This is a great activity for home or classroom ‘bubbles’. Use our PowerPoint to support children.

Together coalition ‘Thank You’ poster

Connecting in Isolation

Many people are having to stay in side all the time at the moment to help keep them safe. Many of these are older people and some might live in care homes. Sending pieces of artwork can help these people feel connected with the outside world. These resources help you create a blossom tree to help bring the outside, inside or draw a picture of your view from a window to share what you see.

Blossom Tree PowerPoint     PDF version   Activity Sheet

View from a Room PowerPoint   PDF version  Activity Sheet

For more ways to connect with those living in a Care Home, visit our Intergenerational Home Learning page here.

Socially Distanced Greetings

It’s great that we can now start to meet some of our friends and family again outside and some of us can return to school. But how can we greet each other from a safe distance? Use these PowerPoints to discuss with children either at home or in the classroom and then children can think about creating their own, unique, socially distanced greeting!

Socially Distanced PowerPoint Year 5&6

Socially Distanced PowerPoint Year 3&4

Show The Love To Front Line Workers

Try making a heart shape with your hands and take a photo – another lovely way to show your appreciation for all key workers and frontline volunteers who are helping to keep us safe during the current time.

Saying Thank You

Send A Virtual Message

Even though we are staying indoors we can still remain connected to those we care about. Why not write a message and a picture on a poster, take a photo and send it over? This will make those you care about smile. Many people are including rainbows.

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet (Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain)

Staying Connected 2 

Make A 'Thank You' Poster for frontline workers

There are thousands of people around the globe who are working hard to keep the world safe.Why not create a ‘Thank You’ poster to show them your appreciation and display it in your window? It’s bound to lift spirits and help create a sense of community.

Thank You Poster

Keep In Touch

There are a number of practical ways to stay connected during the current climate. Here’s a number of  ideas to help you stay in touch with those you care about – Daily Vlog, Add a line Story Game, Tutorial Skill Swap, Cook along Dinner… Have a look!

Staying Connected 1