Who Are We?

Feel Proud

The last few weeks have been tricky for everyone, and we have had to get used to a new way of doing things. You may have even learned a new skill! We have so many reasons to be proud. Sometimes pride can be negative, but we are celebrating all that is good! Use the activity to discuss and celebrate what you are proud of as a family.

Feel Proud Home Learning Activity

Hopes and Dreams

We all have hopes and dreams – some for ourselves, some for our loved ones (family and friends) and some for the world that we live in. Use the great resources to discuss what your hopes and dreams might be and find out about what others think too! You may surprise yourselves with how similar your dreams are. One mum said her hope for herself was a years supply of chocolate and her hope for the world was a peaceful life for everyone.

Hopes and Dreams PowerPoint

Hopes and Dreams Powerpoint PDF version

Hopes and Dreams Learning Activity

Family Games

Games can be fun for all the family to play together and you can easily make your own from different things around your house! This activity has some different ways to make yourself a new game to play at home – Snakes and Ladders or Snap from a cereal packet, a simple memory game with household items or a quick Schools Linking favourite, 3 invisible similarities and 2 invisible differences.
Can you ask your adults if they can teach you any games they used to play at home when they were children? . If you write out the rules or take a photo we would love to see them. We wonder if we can collect games from all across the world and the UK?

Family Stories

Stories are fantastic, they can transport you to a whole other world! Stories can be read from a book, told to us by someone or by the radio, TV or podcasts. Use this Home Learning Activity to explore which stories are important to you and members of your family. You could  share or read aloud parts of your favourite stories with one another and other family members and friends too!

Family Stories Home Learning Activity

Family Recipes

Food is an important part of all our lives and different foods is eaten for different occasions. Use this activity to explore which foods are important to you and your family, friends and neighbours – all at a safe distance. Why not exchange favourite recipes and try to cook them. We have heard of some people having digital cooking lessons from family members.

Family Recipes

Curiosity Questions

Questions can be a fantastic way to find out more about others. Why not think of some questions to send to your family and friends- a great way to keep conversations fun and interesting! These questions were written on lollipop by a class but you could make your own at home.

Curiosity Questions PowerPoint

Curiosity Questions Powerpoint PDF version

Curiosity Questions Home Learning Activity


I am, We Wonder

One way we can continue to build connections with one another is by finding out new things about each other. Work together to ‘wonder’ the answers to these questions and more.

I am, I wonder Home Learning Activity


Our names are so important- they are one part of our identity. Other people may have the same name but no one ‘wears’ your name like you! Explore what your name means by asking adults at home or googling,  share what you’ve learned about your name using the Home Learning Activity and create a name bookmark to celebrate your name!

Names PowerPoint

Names Powerpoint PDF version

Names Bookmarks

Names Home Learning Activity 2

Names Home Learning Activity 3

I Am Who I Am Because of Everyone

There are lots of different things that all contribute to who we are. From the things we like to do, to the places we like to go to and the people we meet. Use the link below to watch the old Orange advert featuring cyclist Mark Beaumont as he describes all the people who helped him achieve his round the world cycle starting with his grandfather, school children in Dundee, people who gave him water in a desert and  a family who helped him when he was knocked off his bike. Its a real favourite at schools linking to help us think of the people who have made us who we are. We watch the advert and think about and discuss the people or places that have had an impact on us all. See the PowerPoint and Home Learning Activity below. We hope you enjoy the advert and taking some time to think about who has had an impact on each of you.  If you had a moment we find that it makes a great poem  I am who I am because of everyone.

Orange Video

I am PowerPoint

I am Powerpoint PDF version

I am Home Learning Activity



Create a Family Tree

This activity encourages us to speak with lots of different members of our family. It’s a great way to stay connected with people that we love when we can’t spend time with them in person.

Family Tree PowerPoint

Family Tree PDF