Who Am I?

I am, I wonder Poems

Using our really easy structure, these resources guide children through creating a poem about their identity, their thoughts and feelings and the things that are important to them. Leave them just as spoken word or write them out and decorate them to create something beautiful to display.

I am, I wonder PowerPoint

I am, I wonder PDF

Identity Bags

Sharing information about the things we like and the things that are important to us is a great way to show family and friends who we are. Using this activity, why not create your own Identity Bag filled with items that show who you are or help to tell your story. When completed, the bag could even be shared with others (at a safe distance of course) over the phone or by video call!

Identity Bag Home Learning Activity

Magic Box

Imagine having your own Magic Box and being able to put anything you want inside it. Use the poem by Kit Wright, to think about what you would put into your Magic Box – set your imagination free! You could then use our PowerPoint and Home Learning Activity to create your own box or write your own poem.

Magic Box PowerPoint

Magic Box Powerpoint PDF version

Magic Box Home Learning Activity

Identity Maps

When we talk about ‘identity’ we mean all the things that make a person who they are. Use this PowerPoint and/ or the home learning sheets to explore and discuss the things that make up your identity. You could even make an Identity Map to show this, which you could then share with others!

Identity Map PowerPoint

Identity Map Powerpoint PDF version

Identity Map Home Learning Activity

Identity Map Example with Photos

Identity Map Example without Photos



Our names are so important- they give us our identity. Others may have the same name but no one ‘wears’ your name like you! Explore what your name means using this PowerPoint or share what you’ve learned about your name using the home learning sheets and create a name bookmark to celebrate your name!

Names PowerPoint

Names Powerpoint PDF version

Names Bookmarks

Names Home Learning Activity 2

Names Home Learning Activity 3


A shield can quite often include a coat of arms, which is traditionally unique to an individual person, a family, a city or a country. They are often seen on buildings, gates and flags. Use this PowerPoint and/or the home learning sheets to spend some time as a family thinking about the things that are special to you before designing a shield with a coat of arms for either your family or for the individuals within your family. Take a look at some of our examples to help inspire you!

Shields Powerpoint

Shields Powerpoint PDF version

Shields Home Learning Activity

Shield Examples


I Am Who I Am Because of Everyone

There are lots of different things that all contribute to who we are. From the things we like to do, to the places we like to go to and the people we like to spend time with. Use the link below to watch the Orange advert featuring cyclist Mark Beaumont, to think about and discuss the people or places that have had an impact on you. You could then use the PowerPoint and Home Learning Activity to create your own I am poem.

Orange Video

I am PowerPoint

I am Powerpoint PDF version

I am Home Learning Activity


Self Portraits

Exploring who we are can be done in a really thoughtful way  through the use of self portraits. This PowerPoint gives you a number of ways  to make a self portrait in your home with a limited number of resources.

Self Portraits Powerpoint

Self Portraits Powerpoint PDF version