Lesson 1 – Let’s Connect


Lesson 1 Let’s Connect PPT

Lets Connect pdf




Lesson 1 Let’s Connect Lesson Plan




L1 Young Social Activists powerpoint

Social Activists pdf

The Lesson 1 Enrichment –¬† Young Social Activists PowerPoint¬† has additional stories of children and young people who have cared about the world and taken social action.




L1 Video Calling Planning Document





Connecting by Video Call

Ideas for games for classes to play online together



Curiosity Questions Video




Would You Rather powerpoint






L1 Would You Rather Statements

These are suggested statements for the Would You Rather Game.



Kindness Tree completed example









Kindness Tree





Kindness Tree Branches





Kindness Tree Leaves





Leaf templates





Animal Cards for Charades





Family Engagement

L1 Family Engagement







Bird Behaviour video by M6 Theatre

Bird Behaviour Power Point