These resources help children to achieve objectives taken from the PSHE Association Programme of Study KS1 & KS2 Core Theme 2 Relationships, particularly the strands of ‘Families and close positive relationships’, ‘Friendships’, ‘Managing hurtful behaviour and bullying’ and ‘Respecting self and others’. In addition, these resources help children to achieve objectives from the Citizenship Programme of Study for KS1 & KS2.  Specific objectives are outlined at on the PowerPoint for each resource.

The Hueys in the New Jumper

This resource ‘The Hueys‘ by Oliver Jeffers uses a reading of the book to explore individuality and to reflect on why this is important and should be celebrated. Children are asked to listen to the story and consider how the Hueys’ behaviour changed during the book. They then get to design their own Huey with a hat and jumper of their choice and explain how it feels to be accepted and be able to express your individuality.

Powerpoint    Design Your Own Huey Activity   Design a Huey Jumper   Design a Huey Hat



This resource  explains that a shield often includes a coat of arms, which is traditionally unique to an individual person, a family, a city or a country and are often seen on buildings, gates and flags. Pupils are encouraged to think about the things that are special to them before designing a shield with a coat of arms for either themselves, their family or school. It will encourage pupils to think about their identity or that of their family or school.

Powerpoint   Shield Examples   Shield Template


Something Else

This resource, using the book ‘Something Else’ by Kathryn Cave & Chris Riddell, helps children to explore friendship, celebrate differences and identify the skills to be a good friend. Children can complete tasks to unpick the characters and then create a recipe for friendship.


Activity Sheet

Friendship Recipe 1

Friendship Recipe 2


How to be a Bucket Filler

This resource based on ‘Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?‘ by Carol McCloud explores how words and actions can impact people positively and negatively through the concept that every person has an invisible bucket, which can be filled through kind actions and words. A great book, which can be used to develop emotional intelligence and promote positive interaction with others.

Powerpoint     Activity Sheet


Working Together – The Two Mules

This resource helps pupils think about why it makes sense to co-operate and how by helping others they will help themselves. Using the fable of The Two Mules, pupils will consider who and how they can co-operate with others both at home and at school and why this is so important. They will be encouraged to share their work with others.